Daily Archives: September 26, 2013

Thursday Never List

Last night I had the strangest dream. No, I didn’t sail a boat to China. I was dreaming of being in a flower field. Not wildflowers with insects and weeds and all of Nature screaming to get lucky. It was just flowers, no stems or leaves or grass at all. Just a field full of flower heads as far as I could….. I don’t know if “see” is the right word here. Detect? Sense? Whatever. It was just a bunch of flowers of every color, size, scent, and texture imaginable. Honestly, it felt like I was in a Monet painting, only not such a big mess, or so pastel-ly.


Anyway, that got me to thinking about flowers I never could get around to appreciating. There are some like the Rafflesia above, that would turn your stomach or are just plain ugly. But I am talking about the normal, everyday commercially available flowers. I suppose my dislikes are based more on mental blocks than anything else, but nevertheless I have them.

#5– Cannas

Sorry, to me they just look like the stem threw up the flower.

#4– Coreopsis Cone Flower

The petals look so wilted, they make me sad.

#3– Sunflower

Every time I see one, I am reminded of that creepy baby in Teletubbies™.

#2– Passion Flower

Honestly, it looks to me like threads unravelling and makes me itch to sew it back together.

#1– Dahlia

As pretty and sunburst-like and colorful, I just can’t get past the old Language of Flowers my grandmother taught me when I was five. It was considered the Death Flower. BIG block there for me.

So there you have my Thursday list. File it away for future reference 😉


Hubby pointed out it isn’t Coreopsis but the Cone Flower that I think is sad. “I am good for something”, he said. I agreed 😀