Last Thursday evening, my daughters finally had time on their hands to allow their mother to take them to a beauty store, Ulta Beauty™. Little One is now turning 14, and wanted to get some make-up. I figured we would go in, get her the stuff and come out in 30 minutes.

Boy, was I wrong.


We walk in, and immediately feel the familiar disorientation. So I do what any normal mom would do: walk around aimlessly until something familiar comes into view. YAY!! LIPSTICK!!! Not only do they have almost every brand of make-up known to Womankind, they had sections for every type of make-up as well. But I was there for my kid, not me. Fine….FINE!! We go in search of the Bare Escentuals™ line, since she prefers the expensive stuff mineral make-up, and find her a kit that she likes (she is my picky child). And slyly she adds, “Mom, it doesn’t come with lip gloss…” Well, what kind of a mom would I be if I didn’t get her lip gloss? A SMART ONE!!! But she had Eldest on her side on this and I was weakened by my want need of new lip colors, so I relented. And thank goodness that Ulta™ had their lip, eye and nail colors on sale for 50% off, because that meant that I could get some lipsticks by Lipstick Queen™, which I am not ashamed to say I have been coveting for about five years now.

I understand this is not about me, but work with me here.

We saunter over to the haircare section to get some hairclips, and spy the sale bins. This place is not for the weak-minded. They had nail colors and eye quads and since they were reasonably priced I piled some in the bag decided to get some for the girls so they could experiment with them. Rounding the next corner we see the facial washes and treatments and both girls pipe up that they are out of their stuff. It was almost synchronized. But you must have a clean canvas in order to paint a masterpiece, right? Sigh…

By now what started as just four “need” items has grown to far, far more. Besides the kit, there are mascaras, eyeliner, seven bottles of nail polish, lip glosses, lipsticks, facial washes, hairclips, hair treatments, and numerous eye shadow quads. In a haze, I tell the girls that this is enough for now, because Ulta isn’t going away any time soon. So I go up to the cashier, a lovely young lady who asks me if I wish to sign up for their rewards card. My first instinct is to say no, since I seldom do that anywhere. But then I take stock of everything on the counter and tell her yes, please. With an understanding glance, she signs me up, rings up my purchases and gives me a few unexpected discounts, and tells me to enjoy my evening. I carry their behemoth-sized bag out to the car while the girls chatter along happily. Inwardly I am cringing at the bill, but the girls are happy and bonding together, something that seldom happens. And that makes up for it, no pun intended.

And that was my experience at Ulta™. Suffice it to say, Hubby took it in stride, not even batting an eye. It helped that I threw my kid under the bus told him that Little One needed a lot of new stuff. Hey, if I am going down for this, I’m taking them with me. They are enablers of the highest caliber 😉

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17 responses to “Ulta-matum

  • Viv

    You had me at lipstick! 😉

    I can NEVER leave the store with only the thing(s) I went there for. Never. You will be glad you got their rewards card. You will get regular coupons in the mail and steeper discount coupons for the points you spend every quarter. Considering the dime you dropped on this trip, it will pay off quickly.

  • Cruel Wife

    Lemurita’s eyes glaze over any time we go into that store. I’m not much of one for makeup anymore, but I can get the hair care products I like there, and the scented lotion/bubble bath always calls my name. Not that I can indulge in much of it, between allergies and LK’s super-sensitive nose that picks up smells we mortals can’t detect. Things that I think smell lovely, he thinks smells like something curled up and died in the bottle. 😦 Lemurita badgers me into buying a bottle of their vanilla body washes every time we’re at check-out. lol

    • LC Aggie Sith

      I’m saving my pennies for some of the Ojon hair stuff. Gonna take a while 😀

      And LK needs to have his olfactory senses just removed. He is miserable anyway, right?? 😉

      • Lemur King

        I salute Mr. Aggie’s ability to take it in stride. To be fair, he could take an amazing number of situations without blinking, but his calmness is a wonder.

        CW, you know for a fact that I knew there was going to be a fire down at the little store a day in advance even though no one else could tell… I knew there was bad/hot wiring as plain as day. Yes, it is a curse but there are worse things than having your own canary in the coal mine.

        And yes, many of the scents you guys pick out smell like they’ve blended them with turpentine, cadaverine, and putrescine. They are vile. “Watermelon” and “strawberry” are the worst.

  • reiuxcat

    And yet us guys get nailed every time we go to the hardware store for not sticking to the list. Sheesh! 😉 Glad y’all had a good time. It was needed.

    (nailed, hardware store, see what I did there? Heh)

  • Ogrrre

    Buwahahahaha! Parents of 14 year-old girls! Chortle. Guffaw.
    Now you know why my kids (and ex-wife, but who listens to them, anyway?) call me The Ogre. They dragged my ass in that type of store ONCE. I told them they could buy whatever they could afford. Since they had already spent their money on the Backstreet Boys (it could be worse, they could have been that age during the Justin Bieber era), they couldn’t afford anything, and I wouldn’t give them more money, or buy that stuff for them. Buwahahahahaha!

  • Nicole

    Ulta is a dangerous place. I try to wear blinders when I go in. 🙂 And yeah, what Viv said – their rewards card is pretty well worth it.

  • Howie Feltersnatch

    Just a thought here…

    Does Little One have an allowance (for doing chores or other menial household duties)?

    If not, does she have a job?

    If not, say “Happy Birthday”, “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Arbor Day”, or the like… Just to let her know this is a ONE TIME DEAL!!!! (unless mommy needs more – strike that – wants more face paint goop for herself).

    Why, yes, I am a non-understanding male. One without a teenage daughter who would have me wrapped around her little finger… 🙂

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