Thursday Never List

Yesterday I wrote about having a distinct lack of motivation to get stuff finished around here. I did manage to finish a couple of projects after I unplugged myself from the interwebs wrote that post. A smartipants suggested I make a list of projects I’ll never finish. Depending on how the weekend goes, that may be next week’s list.

When I was perusing for a motivational funny, I found quite a bit that were sports and exercise oriented. Seriously, the only motivation I would ever need to exercise would be a clown in a hockey mask. But I do understand what motivates people to work hard to win at a sport. There are some sports however, that I will never understand.

chicken soccer

#5– Cross Country Running

Like I said, clowns with hockey masks.

#4– Sumo Wrestling

Uh…. this needs no commentary.

#3– Curling

I am sure to catch Hades for this, and I get there is a method, but it looks to me like you are ironing the ice.

#2– Jai Alai

I can barely make sense of lacrosse. Adding a wall and lines just serves to up the confusion ante.

#1– Wife Carrying

And I can just imagine what transpires if he drops her, seeing as he carries her on his back, upside down.

Don’t get me wrong. I do watch some of these. It’s like a train wreck in a way. And there are other sports that I would have included, too. But Chess Boxing just sounds too existential, even for this itty bitty blog 😀

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36 responses to “Thursday Never List

  • reiuxcat

    I thought wife carrying was a game done after drinking. It certainly is more fun to watch. 😉

  • RabidAlien

    Heh. As a former cross-country runner who enjoyed distance running and actively sought out hilly courses, I have to say that watching #5 is probably less exciting than watching golf. Its something you have to do, a mindset you get into while pounding the pavement (or trails). A way to relax the braincell and let it recharge.

    My sports WTF’s would be (and I’ll probably be shot for listing most of these), in no particular order,

    –Tennis. Really? I see no point other than “hey, look at me bounce around in a tight top and VERY short skirt!” Institute a “commando” rule, that couldn’t hurt your viewership.

    –Football. Bunch of muscle-bound guys running around in tight pants chasing after a ball. And they don’t even run much…the average play lasts, what, 10 seconds? Add snipers and landmines. And more cheerleader coverage, but with less coverage IYKWIM.

    –Baseball. See above, except with skinnier guys taking out their pent-up frustrations by going all Goodfellas on a small, white ball. The only advantage to playing this, I guess, is that its acceptable to scratch that which itches. Switch the ball to something that activates an explosive charge when it leaves the pitcher’s glove and triggers when contacting the ground. And napalm. Yeah. Napalm.

    –Golf. Shoot me now. Please.

    –Cycling. Other than the occasional pile-up, which tend to be spectacular and remind me of a 20-person hockey brawl, its yet another bunch of guys in spandex shorts. Riding bicycles. Gimme motorcross or BMX or Xgames, where the stunts are extreme, the obstacles mind-boggling, and mistakes are rewarded with odd angles being introduced into arms/legs and quite possibly varying quantities of blood. Now, if you were to attach blades to bike wheels (ala “Ben Hur”) and allow various “racing aids” such as crowbars, clubs, and chainsaws, I might be persuaded to watch a race or two.

  • xbradtc

    Women’s Curling is worth watching. When they wear leggings.

    And I’m far more used to being described as a dumbass than a smartipants.

  • Cruel Wife

    Hmmm. I used to run cross-country in high school. It was a lot more interesting than track. Training took you running out in the countryside, in town, all over the place. Lots of variety. Races were interesting, too, cuz every course was unique. It got really interesting if you were lucky enough to have a track that went through woods, allowed you to jump a couple obstacles if you wanted to shave a second or two off your time, or had some other unique feature that allowed you to get a leg up on the competition. 😛 Long distance track running, on the other hand, bored the heck out of me. Trying running in a big circle 8 times, and then have to train there every day. I quit after one year.

  • Cruel Wife

    The rest I tend to agree with, though. 😉

  • Clete Ortis

    Ironing the ice… PRICELESS!!!!!


  • Guy S

    Running….wasn’t all that bad in HS…but was required to do it in the military (Even in the Navy, go figure,,,did they expect us to run across the water if our ship sank?)…i have no problem with hiking or even a brisk saunter…but running is too hard on the knees.

    I have no problem with football (American Football, not that crap the rest of the world plays by the same name), and would really like to see Rugby take off here.

    Will watch golf, only because I keep tossing my clubs into the nearest water hazard, after bending them into interesting shapes.

    Used to love watching bowling as a kid…and loved hitting the lanes myself…but haven’t done so in awhile…perhaps will do so again.

  • Azygos

    I thought curling was when on lifted an adult beverage off the table to ones lips?

    As for tennis I don’t want to see Nadal go commando.

    Rubs eyes.

  • Ogrrre

    1. CRICKET. Need I say more?
    2. GOLF. Boring! The landscaping is nice, but that’s about it. I understand the game was named “Golf” because “Shit” was already taken.
    3. TENNIS. Boring without the nice landscaping.
    4. (tie) Motocross and NASCAR. Motocross could be made more entertaining if, say, one in one hundred spectators was allowed a 12 ga. loaded with rock salt. Extra points awarded if the shooter nailed the rider while the rider was in the air.
    5. Synchronized swimming. Why is this an Olympic sport? Have the women out there skinny dipping, then I’d watch.

  • Clete Orris

    How can you not enjoy and appreciate two 500 ton Asians grabbing each other by the butt floss and trying to toss each other outside of a small circular area? THAT IS PURE ENTERTAINMENT!

    Wife-carrying after a night of garlic and broccoli pizza, with copious amounts of crappy beer is an epic win. For the dudes.

  • terribletroy

    Running isnt a sport….its a contest.

    Golf… Twain said it best… the ruination of a perfectly good walk in the park

    Anyone ever see George Carlins bit on Football vs. Baseball?

  • Laura

    I run so that I don’t look like a Sumo. That’s motivation enough.

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