Daily Archives: September 6, 2013

Thursday Never List, Bumped to Friday

So, my day got away from me. But I figure I can still make some crappy list about something. This afternoon I was running errands all over several towns, like a chicken in need of crossing the road. And on the radio some station in New York City was announcing a giveaway for a trip for two to Los Angeles, CA. And my first thought was, during which season? Wildfire? Earthquake? Mudslides? Drought?? I’m sure it is a nice city but for me, it’s just a place to avoid like the plagues.


So, here is my list of five places I’ll never visit.

#5- Phuket

Sure, it’s a great destination for tourists. That’s why I never want to see it. Besides, just the thought of Thai peppers is enough to make me taste bile.

#4- Cancun

I prefer to fry my skin and get wasted in the comfort of my own country, where I only have to worry about being mugged, and not about being a sacrifice.

#3- Fairbanks, Alaska

I am more than sure it is beautiful. I’ve seen it on the Travel Channel. But where I come from, “sn*w” is a four-letter word.

#2- Calcutta

If I want to see a black hole, I’ll go to the NASA® website.

#1- San Francisco

The only thing I like about it is a former prison. That should tell you just how much I abhor it.

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