Motivation, I Have None

Holy moly.

I can’t get motivated to do anything today. I have several projects just a step or two away from being finished and just don’t have the oomph to get them done. I’m not talking just a couple of frames or vases. I have five sculptured books, three vases, five dessert stands, five teacup pincushions, four candleholders, and about ten altered bottles. Admittedly, the bottles are only prepped and I haven’t even begun to alter them, but still. The plan is in my head. I just need the extra push to execute it!

On top of that, school prep days are this week, and next. And so is our visit with the Lemur King family. MY HIGHLIGHT!! Anyway, I need to get stuff done and organized so that they will have enough room for their stuff, and also room enough to relax, and sleep. That’s important. I figure tomorrow I will get the kids involved (read here: crack the whip) and have them help me do stuff like hide everything in a closet or three organize everything neatly. Once Eldest gets back from her vacation, she will help out as well.

All I know is a roast beast will be had sometime next week and I will not have anything to do with its preparation. WHOO HOO!!

In the meantime, have a Sithy!


Remember to always conserve energy 😉

Hat tip: XBradTC!!

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