Choosing Wisely

This is not a philosophical post. Unless you are into wine. Then it qualifies.

While I was on vacation, I had the opportunity to spend time with my sister, Reno Queen. Her family is now back in Texas, and relatively closer to us. I say “relatively” because three hours is a lot closer than fifteen. Anyway, as we were out playing mini-golf (which was really cool under black lighting) we got to talking about birthdays and how we hate that day we are just not ready for middle age. She insists she will live to 120, because 60 is the new middle age.

I’ll be 47 this year. I forgot to have my mid-life crisis. So in a way, she has a point.

Moving along, we were talking about what to get each other for our birthdays. She had wanted to get me a really cool necklace, which I would never wear because I just don’t go out anywhere. And I was at a loss as to what to get her, because her home is still being built and she is in an apartment with limited space. And she has plenty of jewelry. I know this because I have contributed to her stash. But then, while looking at her social-site-with-faces link, we got a brainstorm.


We headed right over to the Hallmarkβ„’ store, and she chose hers, and I chose mine, after a time. I must say, my sister knows what she wants pretty well. No waffling with her. But I was torn between the new Butterfly Kisses glass, and the Wine Snob glass.

Sis: I do like the summery colors of the Butterfly glass.

Me: I KNOW! I have a thing for butterflies, but the colors of the Snob glass are gorgeous.

Sis: (compares the two glasses) Uh, the Wine Snob is bigger, and holds more. Get that one.

Me: Good point (heads over to the cashier).

This is my birthday gift from my sister!

wine snob glass

And so my friends, this is how you choose, wisely πŸ˜‰

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30 responses to “Choosing Wisely

  • mrfixitou812

    Nice! Never really acquired a taste for wine, unless I was using it for cooking. Just means more for you, right? πŸ˜€

  • roamingfirehydrant

    Cool gift.

    I didn’t forget to have a midlife crisis, I just never had the time.

  • Lemur King

    My midlife crisis happened on my birthday and consisted of having to choose between trying a new cuisine that I have been interested in for years – ethiopian – and having sushi. Then I chose to get a spicy scallop appetizer and an autumn roll with salmon and tuna.

    It was less effort and low risk. It would have been more of a crisis if Cruel Wife had allowed Taco Bell ™ to enter into the equation.

    Sushi does trump TB, but it is complicated.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      What planet do you live on, where TB even comes close to sushi???

      • Lemur King

        I said it was complicated.

        I wasn’t feeling my best and TB is comfort “food”.

        But we ate sushi until we were so loaded that we squeaked going into a tight turn.

        Does it help that I would have considered Arby’s ™?

        I suppose I am going to hear about this when we come down.

        • RabidAlien

          Durn skippy you’ll hear about it! The fact that you would even consider Taco Hell over and above the angelic awesomeness that is Taco Bueno ™ should ban your soul to hell for at least a week. Or the DMV. Nah….too cruel and unusual.

          Sorry, Sithy, I’ve been trying to come up with some snarkyness in response to your original post, but nothing is coming to me. Seems like its gonna be one of those weeks…a week best spent buried in H&B’s archives (stress on the H).

          • LC Aggie Sith

            Wow, that bad? I am sending prayers y’all’s way!!

          • LC Aggie Sith

            Also, how do I register to comment at HC? Or did y’all disable the comments?

          • Lemur King

            Taco Bueno?

            I am just a simple redneck engineer from Orygun, I don’t know about those fancy highfalutin’ places. Of course points north of Albany got stranger wicked fast.

            DMV… There is something I haven’t heard since the PNW. Out here in Michigan it is “Secretary of State”, and it sounds like socks on a chicken.

          • RabidAlien

            Hmmm…you should be taken to the WordPress login screen when you click on the “login to comment” (or whatever it says) button. After which you should be able to comment again.

            LK: TBueno is vastly superior to TBell, seeing as how it only uses purebred Arabian quarterhorses instead of those old swayback nags that the knackers rejected which were picked up by TBell. You get to experience the wonderful world of gas, without all the annoying side-effects (such as intestinal lesions and explosive colon cleansing) that TBell brings. Next time you’re down in the hot part of the States, have Sithy introduce you. If you ask nicely, she may also introduce you to Chuy’s.

          • LC Aggie Sith

            I clicked on it, and tried to register, but I’m not registered at YOUR site, so I can’t 😦

          • Lemur King

            We will be visiting with Sith within days. Chuys… Got it. I will let you know how it pans out.

            TB sounds like my kind of place. If they make any dishes with Spotted Owls, color me there for sure.

          • RabidAlien

            Spotted Owl and Baby Seal are seasonal dishes. Well, Spotted Owl is, at any rate….it needs a lot of seasoning. BabySeal is tender, and the flavor is subtle, but its not bad. I prefer mine with queso.

          • Lemur King

            We used to do Spotted Owl just like we did for grouse or pigeon since they tended to be dry. We couldn’t afford sea lion pups so it was only something you got at weddings and such.

          • RabidAlien

            You need a better rub and/or marinade. I prefer old-growth Amazon Rub, myself. They’ve gotten the mixture down to where it only takes 17 acres of rain forest to properly season a mid-sized owl!

  • Nicole

    Bigger always wins when it comes to food and drink. πŸ™‚

  • Laura

    I think I’ve been having a mid-life crisis since I was 17.

  • Grand

    Huh. You and I are the same age.

    The wine glass can’t be machine washed. That bugs me. Probably OCD.

    Good that it is big, though. I have some very VERY large wine glasses. That way I can say I only had one glass…

  • Grand

    I just look younger than I am. Clean living.

    I’m so proud I said that with a straight face.

  • Clete Orris

    When I hit my midlife crisis, I decided to spend lots of money chasing a career change. Nearly there.

    Oh, and I started shaving my balls.

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