Daily Archives: July 29, 2013

Nature’s Novelty

This week we are on vacation at the lake again. So far we have traded one madding crowd for another, but it does get quiet here during the week. One of my favorite past times here is watching the fauna, particularly the water fowl. Living out in drier hill country, one misses out on that unless one goes to the zoo.

So far we have enjoyed the herons, both lesser and blue, egrets, owls, and ducks. And those are my favorites. I love to watch them paddle like mad and looking so calm and important. This year we got to see a true novelty.

duck pic

See him?? A beautiful black duck, with green and blue feathers. I don’t think it’s a different species, since the patterns on his feathers are almost the same as the regular mallards. Genetic anomalies like this are rare and beautiful, and I admit to wanting to trap the sucker just so I could get a closer look. I don’t think he would like that, though. I’m pretty sure he would kick my butt, and take my money.

Well, time to get going. The bowling balls aren’t going to roll themselves, you know 😀