Daily Archives: July 18, 2013

So Far, So Good

Except when it comes to my waistline.

Mom has been cooking lunch and dinner every day. And like a dutiful daughter, I have been rising up to the challenge and eating lunch and dinner, every day.

Of course, now my jeans are trying to rise to the challenge of containing me.

The upside of this is that I haven’t had to cook dinner since she arrived. That is awesome in my book, and the reason I don’t dwell on the downside of this. I have been attempting to cook more Puerto Rican dishes, but let’s face it: they aren’t a patch on my mom’s cooking. Still, my family likes it enough to enjoy leftovers the following day, so that’s saying something. But I can’t let my mom do all the cooking while she’s here. I want her to enjoy her time with the family. So I shall be cooking this weekend for the clan. Not all weekend, mind you. Just dinners and one breakfast, maybe. And first request? Beer braised beef.

beer braised beef

Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.

Because it’s beef, in beer. How can you go wrong???

Anyway, time for me to run. I have to go to the grocery store. Again. And to the liquor store. Again.

It’s for a good cause 😉