Daily Archives: July 10, 2013

Here We Go, Again

Well, summer for most of us means vacation time and kids driving you insane. But for military families, it also means it’s a time to see friends move to other duty stations. And though we in the military have mastered the gift of “staying-in-touch”, it can still be difficult to say “See ya” to close friends.

Our close friend Flower Girl will be moving this summer, and Hubby and I wish to give her a nice going away gift. And this is the difficult part. Usually Hubby just asks me to get something for someone because let’s face it: shopping is something I do quite well. But this time he wants to help pick out a gift, because she was his protegé, and he her mentor. And I want to pick it out because she and I are like sisters.

And that means what HE thinks is a great gift is not necessarily what I think is a great gift. My suggestions of artwork, Le Creuset (she has been wanting a good sized casserole), Texas themed jewelry and such, have been met with reluctance. His suggestions of a fossil display, or some medical themed display have been met with a “Huh??” I think we are at cross purposes because he wants to give her something she can hang or display in her office, and I want to give her something she can have in her home. So, I think it’s best if we each get her something different. He can give her a nice office gift, and I will give her a small gift for her home.

Unless we find an antique pathology knife. She can use that at work and at home 😉