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Better Than Biting Nails

One of my kids’ friends won a scholarship to flight school. She aspires to be a pilot in the USAF. She is a very dedicated young woman and I have no doubt she will achieve her dreams. Tomorrow she will be doing her first solo flight, and has asked us to go watch.

She is just shy of 17 years of age.

And I am just shy of having a full blown panic attack.

It’s not that I doubt her abilities as a pilot. It’s just that ZOMGSHEISFLYINGSOLO!!! I am not sure I can handle that. And she’s not even my kid!! Usually when I am this nervous I tend to eat sweets, but that would means making a cake and having to explain to the kids why it’s gone. So today I shall be crafting my little black heart out, keeping my mind off tomorrow as much as possible. So, I’m going to the garage to find a book to murder to alter.


I’ve been dying to make this for my craft area, or for Little One to pilfer, and found the perfect book for it a few days ago, an old illustrated German book. This project looks like it can’t be messed up. If I do mess it up, I can always use the pages for something else, right?

Sharp blades and scissors always calm me down, so it’s worth a try πŸ˜‰

The Endless Summer

Four days later, I can sit down to write a post.

I think it has been four days since my last post. I really have no idea.

Between driving kids to work, working on updating Little One’s room, running stuff to Goodwill, birthdays, anniversaries, family visits, reunions, more reunions, graduations, the promotion ceremony, and the normal day-to-day stuff of running errands and chores, I am just horse tired. Not just tired. HORSE TIRED!!!

I don’t even know what that means.


And now I realize that June is almost over, and I feel like I haven’t done anything. Except clean the refrigerator. I did do that. After that chore, I needed an anti-depressant.

Anyway, I better get going. If I keep going at this rate, I may not need to ever go to the Y πŸ˜‰

Time to Work on Little One’s Room

I’m sure y’all remember the amazing transformation I did to Eldest’s room. If you don’t, go ahead and click on the link. I’ll wait.

*waits a few minutes for the awesomeness to sink in*

Amazing, isn’t it? Well, she has done a great job of keeping things pretty organized. So far. But now it’s time to do something special for Little One. And that will NOT be a picnic.

My youngest daughter has very specific tastes. Very…. interesting tastes. Anyone who smiles while watching Rear Window or The Birds has interesting tastes. That’s what I call it, anyway. What can I say? She’s a chip off the old block(head). Thankfully, her room is painted, and she wants to keep the furniture and drapes. So not a lot to do, really. But one of the things she wants in her room is a reading nook: her own chair, her own chandelier (I did say chip off the old block, and meant ME, you know), vanity area, etc. She’s growing up, and wants to make sure WE know it.

bubble chandelier

Like this, only waaaaay cheaper.

I don’t think I’m ready for that.

But she is. She is just a bit…. stubborn when it comes to getting rid of certain things. So today we will be rearranging her things and moving stuff around. The screaming will be epic. But I am sure she has ear plugs for that πŸ™‚

The Eagle Has Landed

Today is the day my husband gets his Eagles.

colonel eagle

He has worked hard, and achieved more than most. His dedication to the U.S. Army and his department is deep, committed, and unquestioned, just as it is with his family. And his loyalty extends to all, regardless of rank or affiliation. He is a true soldier.

My heart swells with pride, knowing he has reached another milestone in his career. His peers and superiors have expressed not just their congratulations, but also the hope and desire that he continue in this path towards the next level. And that is achievement indeed.

I Miss John Hughes

Sometimes I miss being a teenager. Not often, but when I do, I get nostalgic for what defined my generation. No, I do NOT miss the mullets, or parachute pants, or the headbands, or the sleeveless t-shirts, or the skinny ties…well, ok, I do miss the skinny ties. They were rather cool. No, I miss the innocent angst that churned throughout our high school years. I miss the afterschool gossip in the hallways, the stinky bus rides, and even hanging out at the mall because it was Saturday night and there was no other place to go. Innocent angst that never really hurt anyone, stuff that you could cure with a calorie-fest and a Christian Slater flick. THAT is what I miss.


Now that I’m a mom, it’s tough to see my kids going through the same trials and tribulations. You know how things will turn out. You try to guide them, and warn them, and all you get is the same ol’ “You just don’t understand.” So, I do the next best thing.

I make them watch a John Hughes movie.

No one else understood teen angst as well as John Hughes did. NO ONE!!! I don’t care that they didn’t have cellphones or internet in the movies. Growing up is the same on the inside for every generation. In a small way, I’m glad I don’t have to experience teen heartbreak. But in a big way, I’m glad I know what it was like, and that at least my kids will listen to a movie, if not me.

After all, I was born a mom. What would I know about Life?? πŸ˜‰

Happy Father’s Day!!

And as usual, it’s a bit chaotic around here.

First, Minecraftβ„’ must be played.

Second, chocolate chip muffins must be devoured.

Third, go zip-lining.

Fourth, stop praying after the zip-lining.

Fifth, enjoy the rest of the day.

vader bbq

Happy Father’s Day to all the Sith dads, and the not-so-Sith πŸ™‚

Graphic courtesy of Tiberius.

Bookshelf Sithy

The other day, my friend XBradTC sent along a link to aΒ book that just screams The Force.


Seriously, I can not think of anything more macbethy or hamletty than Star Wars.


Enjoy your Friday!! πŸ˜€


I Must Have Been a Compass in a Former Life

Yesterday, Eldest was in need of her social security card for work. I thought Hubby had it, so I told her to not fret, he would give it to her when he came home. You would think that such an important thing would be uppermost on her mind, but no. She played on her videogame and then showered and went to bed.

And then this morning I find a note asking that he get the card for her. GAH!!!


So this morning I ended up turning out all of my wallets, ashamed to find I own over a dozen, and at least managed to find Son’s and mine. But no luck on Eldest or Little One’s. So I did what anyone would do. I prayed to find them and asked:

If I were a social security card, where would I be??

I closed my eyes, and had a flashback to the tax office, and danged if I didn’t find them right where they were supposed to be all along: IN MY WALLET!!

In my defense, they were well hidden. But at least now everyone has their cards and I am no longer in charge of them. One less thing for me to worry about.

At least until such time as they ask for baptismal certificates. GAH!!! πŸ˜€

Pomp and Not Much Circumstance

Well, it’s final. Eldest has graduated from high school, and now the hard part begins.

The ceremony went without a hitch, and was very well co-ordinated. The speeches weren’t very long. The kids— well, the graduates didn’t fidget much, and for the most part, the young children in the audience behaved quite well. All in all, a very pleasant experience.

And now what?


She has plans, and will be working this summer as a guide and work her way up to canopy and high wire challenge expert. I have no idea what that is, but she’s excited about it. And then she goes off, into the wild blue yonder. And I am left wondering what the heck just happened!!

One down, and two to go. I just hope they will be easier to handle than this one was. πŸ˜€

Friday Sithy

It’s the last day of school, my friends.

This day can easily end in tears. However, that also means I get to return to my normal blog-reading-and-commenting state. Aren’t you happy!!?? I sure am. But since today will be taken up by early release and last minute uniform checks and sundry stuff, I shall leave you with a Sithy, courtesy of XBradTC, who threatened me with dire violence kindly sent this to me, thinking it would be a fine addition to my home.

At At liquor bar

AN AT AT BAR!!!! I think this would go well in the living room, or right by my crafting area.

Have a great Friday and stay thirsty, my friends πŸ˜‰