Daily Archives: May 29, 2013

In Case You Wondered, I’m Still Here

I honestly thought that with the school year coming to an end, things would be easier. At the very least, I wouldn’t be so busy.

Well, I for one have learned my lesson.

I didn’t post much at the weekend because I spent it with the family, had some ROTC commitments for Memorial Day, and I figured y’all would be busy observing the holiday, too. And then Tuesday showed up, and all Hades broke loose from its tethers.

happy tuesday

First, pick up car from mechanic.No, it ain’t fixed. The car’s computer is too OLD for the mechanic’s computer to “read”. GAH!!!

Second, take pics to be scanned to CD at Walgreen’s. Why? Because my scanner decided that scanning graduation portraits was gauche.

Third, go to dentist and change Eldest’s appointment for July. Finals wait for no senior.

Fourth, enquire at thrift shop on how to be a volunteer (Son needs the hours for NHS). Awesomely, I found an old candlestick to match another I found weeks ago.

Fifth, fix side mirror of Hubby’s car (fell off, so I E-6000 it). So it’s a bit crooked. So is the road.

Sixth, finish ironing. Because ACUs should never be ironed, unless you work for the Army.

Seventh, start dinner. Thank you Lord, for giving someone the intelligence to come up with pre-cooked burgers.

Eighth, take girls to get ice cream, because it’s on the way to a friend’s house where said friend has found a box turtle for them to see.

Ninth, go to Lowes™ and get air filters, even some in the wrong size, just to make tomorrow special.

Tenth, replace some filters, and enjoy having a dust storm settle in my hair.

So there you have it: how I spent my Tuesday. I’m hoping my week improves.

If it doesn’t, there’s wine for that 😀