Daily Archives: May 9, 2013

Can’t Stop Me Now

Last weekend we cleaned out the garage, and let me tell you, it looks AMAZING!! Well, technically half of it does. We couldn’t clean out the other wall because it has all of my stained glass stuff, and we need protective gloves and eye goggles to clean it out. Still, the garage is a vast improvement over the trash dump site way it was before.

But now I am itching to reorganize something. Some people finish a project and sit back to admire their work. I tend to want to channel that satisfaction towards another problem spot. The problem is, there are too many problem spots.

messy house lol

And Legos come in handy for this.

Picking one is like a Lay’sā„¢ potato chip. You can’t stop at just one.

So I guess I better go get a bag of potato chips and finish that off. That’s something I can certainly achieve today.

Glad I found a way to channel my productive side šŸ˜‰