Why Have Cookies When There is Wine??

Today marks the official Star Wars Day. I don’t celebrate May the 4th. I celebrate the following day, of course. Why? Because it’s REVENGE OF THE 5TH!!!

Anyway, today I will be attending the annual Wein and Saengerfest™ here. This year Hubby gets to go with me, since he was out of the country last time. Also, he will be slightly put out to find that he has been *ahem* volunteered to be the designated driver.

pinot vader

The only thing that would make this a perfect day would be these:

vader wine glasses

Courtesy of Durban Decor

Are they not awesome?? You can get your own here! I know my friend Mitchell would love a set. Yes, they are on my Mother’s Day list. But then again, so are LOTS of things.

Ok, time to go get drunk enjoy the festivities! Y’all have a great Saturday!!

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