Moody, Not Blue

Last night we had yet another storm pass through, bringing along cooler temperatures.

In Texas.

In May.


Yes, I know what the word means. I normally don’t mind cooler weather. But usually that’s reserved for about two weeks in late December. By May we should be scorching our lawns and dehydrating our petunias. This makes me moody, to the point of actually sharpening my machete in order to keep calm, people. Why? Because I ran out of pins to stick in the voodoo dolls, and can’t go out to get more until the wind dies down!

voodoo doll

And don’t think my anger and moodiness don’t have a victim in mind. I picture a certain man, resembling perhaps a bear, maybe a pig, IYKWIMAITTYD. Just remember: voodoo is for those of us that are too good for anger management.

Ok, back to honing an edge or two. At least until the wind dies down πŸ˜‰

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