It’s Water, Not Kryptonite

This morning greeted us with an overcast sky. For this area, it is unusual to get rain, but when we do, it causes a rift in the space-time continuum, or in the minds of drivers. Mostly the latter.

As I was taking the kids to school, a young man pulled out in front of me, apparently not seeing my big red SUV with all its lights on. Then at the big intersection, one woman was driving fast enough that she locked her brakes when confronted with the red traffic light. She narrowly missed the van in front of me. Driving towards Little One’s school, several drivers fishtailed and skidded. One car was in a ditch.

I forgot to mention, it was a light drizzle, not a raging downpour. My windshield wipers were on their lowest setting.

water on road lol

So I shall stay home, choosing to live over taking chances with the “ZOMG!! I’M GOING TO DIE!!” drivers out there. At least until such time as one kid asks me to get something for some school project.

It’s part of the Murphy’s Mom Law 😉


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18 responses to “It’s Water, Not Kryptonite

  • Jay in Ames

    It’s that bad up here in cold country, too. Even when it rains.

    But the first snowfall is always the most fun. Everyone forgets.

  • RabidAlien

    I love driving in the rain. I hate driving in the rain in Texass. I actually prefer driving in sleet/snow/ice conditions in Texas more than rainy conditions, since all of the timid drivers tend to stay home and cower instead of filling the road with 20-mph-below-the-posted-limit panic-driving. My average drive to work, on a sunny day with no traffic, takes 15 minutes. Rainy days, I usually see 25-30 minutes, and have taken up to an hour and a half. On snowy days…I think the last time we had snow piling up I timed my drive at 18 minutes. And a couple of those were me doing donuts (intentionally) on the industrial side-road leading to the plant. Heh. There were less than a handful of other vehicles on the highway that morning.

  • reiuxcat

    I have a Dry Comal Creek story from the Solms area, but I’ll save that one for another day. It happened 30 years ago, so it’s old news anyway. 😉

  • scottthebadger

    Roads that don’t get much rain can be very dangerous. The first few minutes get all the dropped oil on the road wet and slippery, and it does the same to the dust, turning it to mud.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      Amazingly, one of the first things we learn when taking Driver’s Ed, and also one of the first things drivers here forget 🙄

      • RabidAlien

        Even worse when I was stationed in Hawaii…the roads there are usually crushed coral. They’re slick anyway, and when it rains (heck, its a tropical island….you can almost set your watch by the daily 4pm rain showers during certain times of the year), its not a matter of “if” you slide. Its just a matter of “when” you lose traction. Combine that with islanders’ propensity to dispense with such old-fashioned notions as “stop when the light turns red” and “maintain at least a car-length between vehicles and widen this distance during inclement conditions”, and fender-benders were rather common. You either learn how to drive in an aggressively defensive manner, or you took the bus.

        • LC Aggie Sith

          No kidding! We were stationed there for a year (95-96). That coral made me pray out loud 😀

          • RabidAlien

            Holy schnitzel….small world! I got there on the USS Drum to decom that pig in ’95. Didn’t escape until sometime late 2000.

          • LC Aggie Sith

            Are you saying we coulda been neighbors?? HAHAHAHA!!

          • RabidAlien

            Well, if you were stationed out on Ford Island in ’95, or anywhere near the oldest barracks buildings still in active use in the world (last renovated PRIOR to the bombing on Dec 7 1941), then yes, we coulda been! I lived in Aiea after I got out of the Navy, worked at an Office Depot in Pearl City. ‘Bout the only things I miss from that effin’ island are the sunsets (especially when the volcanoes on the big island were acting up) and the hiking trails. A friend and I made it up 6 of the “7 Falls” over on the north shore one Saturday….I still hurt just thinking about that hike!

          • LC Aggie Sith

            We lived in the AMR, and went to Aiea regularly. Only stationed for a year there, but it was amazing!

          • RabidAlien

            Heh. That’s close enough to say “Neighbor!”

  • scottthebadger

    There are bridges here in my county in WI, that I know I will visit during the firsy snow of November, because people have forgotten about bridge surfaces and snow. Slick, slick, slick.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      People forget about icy roads in WI?? Unpossible!! 🙂

      • Ogrrre

        Are you truly amazed, Aggie? We are talking about alleged people who act as though history began when they were born, people who know more about American Idol than they do about the stated policies of Il Douche, and how they are strait out of the Communist Manifesto.
        People, and not just in WI, seem to put their key in the ignition, then firmly shove their heads up their ass before putting the car in gear.

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