Nice Stems

You would think that with the amount of stemware I own, I would be a wino by now. Truth is, I don’t drink that much. Maybe a glass of wine every two days or so. Unless the Nomstress is here. She’s dangerous. Anyway, last night I served some wine for Hubby and Nommie (no, I didn’t partake. I take this Lent thing seriously!) in these really nice, really thin glasses.

thin wineglasses

Don’t get excited. I served from a box of wine. But the stems are truly pretty. And did I mention thin? VERY thin?? I am always afraid of breaking one if I breathe on it the wrong way. And if you talk with your hands like I do, they are a huge accident waiting to happen. So I found a solution.

stemless wine

Stemless, because there comes a time when a stem just hinders your ability to judge the distance between your lips and the table. Besides, you can use these for mixed drinks, or any beverage for that matter. Now the remaining quandary will be what to get rid of in order to make room for them. I can tell y’all it won’t be any barware. That just wouldn’t be right. 😀

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