Soon….Very Soon….

It’s almost time for Spring Break around these parts!

We have no plans.

Usually, some friends come and visit for a couple of days, and that seems to be the extent of our little break. But this time, friends are coming from overseas and staying for a couple of weeks, and I am sooooooooo excited!! Why? Because my friend is going to teach me to make sauer braten!!

Don’t know if that’s spelled correctly, and don’t much care. So soon, very soon, I shall be partaking of that wonderful dish, along with her should-be-world-famous strudel.

And did I mention this will happen AFTER Easter??

And furthermore, I kept all of my elastic-waist pants. I am not stupid. So, enjoy this German Vader while I begin to prepare for the upcoming awesomeness!

germany vader

Hope y’all have a wonderful day, and have a beer for me πŸ˜€

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