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Blessings to All

For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.– John 3:16

Happy Easter, and may you be showered with blessings 🙂

When Excuses Become Reasons

One of the most awesome things about my German friend is the fact that she loves, LOVES to cook. I mean it. The woman is a marvel in the kitchen. But one drawback is that we have nine people in the house, of which four eat like eight, which means cooking large amounts of food.

And that, my friends, is a reason to buy a bigger pot.


Yes, meine Freunde, I have the opportunity– nay, the obligation, to purchase a new Le Creuset™ dutch oven. Besides, it was my anniversary this past week, so there’s another reason to get it.

How many excuses is that now?

Doesn’t matter. I’m off the get my new pot, because my friend is in need of it like RIGHT NOW!! And who am I to impede her culinary artistry?? 😉

Everything is Bigger in Texas

Yeah, I’ve been very busy. Awesomely so! I have been taking my friends to see our fair city and surroundings. Monday I took them shopping, and as a reward my friend made the sauerbraten. I had wonderful dreams of gravy that night. Tuesday they were a bit under the weather, so we hung out at home. Wednesday, though, we hit downtown like a tornado. Because THE ALAMO, that’s why!!

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from

So we arrive, and parking is a pain in the hind quarters, but we manage to snag a primo spot. We walk down and begin our tour of the mission, taking note of the many countries represented during the battle. Oddly, there was a professional harpist playing in the middle of the building, but I figured they wanted mood music. Personally, I think folk music would have been more appropriate, but what do I know? So, we tour the barracks area, and stop to gawk at the outrageous prices at the gift shop, and then cross the street to go down to the Riverwalk. It was a nice day, a bit overcast and cool, but thankfully, the walk was almost deserted. YAY!! And it wouldn’t be a good time without Mexican food, right, RIGHT? So yes, we had Tex-Mex food, and were serenaded by Mariachis, and then we wandered around some more to let the food settle, or we would explode. We did the obligatory cheap souvenir shopping, and meandered back up the way we came in. As we climbed the stairs to the street, we got a surprise: a film crew was set up!! I had no idea this was going to happen, so it was a pleasant surprise for my friends. The scene was that of a gal in a tight fitting, very short, sleeveless red dress crossing the street towards the Alamo.

Keep in mind it was about 55* Fahrenheit and most of the “extras” were in jackets, sweatshirts, and long sleeves. But what do you expect from a cinematic masterpiece called Killer Women, huh???

So that was our day yesterday. This morning I had to take them to see the most wondrous boots in the whole world!!

North Star Boots

Because it’s not enough to have cowboy boots. We have to have GIANT cowboy boots.

Everything is bigger in Texas 😉


Polyglot and gluttony.

There’s plenty of both here right now!

My friends from Germany arrived without incidents, and we have been having a wonderful time cooking and sightseeing. Last night we had sauerbraten, and cucumber salad. ZOMG!!! I gained three pound just making the stuff.


So far, my pants still fit. That’s not guaranteed to be true in the next two weeks.

Along with the wonderful food, we are enjoying wonderful conversation. Not only in German, but also Hungarian, and Spanish, and English as well. Tomorrow, I hope to learn to make Amerikaner danish and soda bread. I am going to be one heck of a gourmet by the time they leave.

That, or one heck of a whale. Either is acceptable.

Anyway, just wanted to give y’all an update as to the happenings at Casa de Aggie. I will make an attempt to post tomorrow. Unless my friend decides to make schnitzel. Then y’all are out of luck 😉

Royal Flush

Those of you who have met me know I am prone to embarrassment, to the amusement of everyone. It’s nice that I can bring smiles to people’s faces, but it takes a toll when I am the object of their mirth. I remember one time, in seventh grade, I was in Orchestra class, and the string on my viola popped clean off. I took it to my sectionals teacher, who was busy with the bass section, and she asked me to hold her instrument while she replaced my string. As she walked to the office, she informed everyone that “Aggie snapped her G string.”

Everyone laughed and smirked.

Everyone but me. Why? Because I had no freakin’ idea what a G string was!!!


Go ahead and laugh. You live far, far away from me anyway.

Anyway, I asked my teacher about it after class, and she explained, to which I rolled my eyes and said that women would never wear such things.

My innocence is completely shattered, by the way.

So, what kind of embarrassing moments have y’all enjoyed in your lives? 😀

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Reflections on a Friend

Yesterday, I received some really bad news. A friend of mine passed away. We were members of the same blog, and had chatted weekly about all and sundry. I had the great fortune of meeting him a few years back. At the time, he was 29 years old, looked 18, and had the vocabulary of a drunken sailor in Singapore. He was hilarious. And unusual, because he was a person who took living very seriously.

For him, “living” meant “squeezing out every bit of enjoyment”. He didn’t put off going some place or seeing someone for another day. He felt like doing something, he would do it. Once, he decided to go find feral hogs, because he was bored. While he was at DFW on a layover, he ordered three different Mexican meals at the restaurant, because he had the opportunity right then. Ate them all, too! When I told him about the passing of my friend, who wanted PJs at her funeral, he said, “You need to wear them for her. But you need to wear lingerie for the rest of us.”

Uh, no 😀

He was rough when people were looking, and a complete gentleman when they weren’t. He loved his life, he lived it fully, and did more with it than most people do in three lifetimes. In short, he was an everyday hero.

I miss you, my friend. I weep for the loss to this world, and rejoice for the gain in Heaven. And when I see you in the future, I’ll have my comfy PJs and my llama, just so you can laugh at me again.

Too much going on around here, so I thought I would share this from my other blog. Hope y’all have a great day!

Junk and Glue

I have a deep fondness for books. I love the feel of the paper and the solace I find turning a page. Usually I re-read a book about 50 times before I finally donate it or pass it on to someone.

There are some books, however, that won’t be taken in donations, or lending libraries, or that are too torn up as to make them readable. I have always hated, and I mean hated tossing out a book. It just rubs me the wrong way. I had bought several of those Harlequin Romance™ novels a while back as brain candy, and now couldn’t get rid of them to save them. Not even the thrift store wanted them. So, I took stock of my junk pile in the craft area, and found a 16×20 canvas that I didn’t need.

This is where the lightbulb went on, people. I decided to make…

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Kids went back to school today, and I have done nothing but marvel at the silence.


Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

How awesome to celebrate a snake wrangling saint by drinking, eh?

irish stormtrooper

But alas, I’m not Irish, not even today. But I am the next best thing.

kiss the sith

Heh, told you so!

Have a great Paddy’s day, and if you have to punch someone, always go for the throat 😉

Nice Stems

You would think that with the amount of stemware I own, I would be a wino by now. Truth is, I don’t drink that much. Maybe a glass of wine every two days or so. Unless the Nomstress is here. She’s dangerous. Anyway, last night I served some wine for Hubby and Nommie (no, I didn’t partake. I take this Lent thing seriously!) in these really nice, really thin glasses.

thin wineglasses

Don’t get excited. I served from a box of wine. But the stems are truly pretty. And did I mention thin? VERY thin?? I am always afraid of breaking one if I breathe on it the wrong way. And if you talk with your hands like I do, they are a huge accident waiting to happen. So I found a solution.

stemless wine

Stemless, because there comes a time when a stem just hinders your ability to judge the distance between your lips and the table. Besides, you can use these for mixed drinks, or any beverage for that matter. Now the remaining quandary will be what to get rid of in order to make room for them. I can tell y’all it won’t be any barware. That just wouldn’t be right. 😀