Daily Archives: February 27, 2013

By Popular Demand

Well, not really. But some of y’all wanted to see the flowers I was going to make from my wondrously wonderful felt.

felt dahlia

It’s a dahlia. I am loathe to wear them because when I was little my grandmother taught me one of the Languages of Flowers and dahlias were considered the Flower of Death. But I can fool myself into thinking this is like a chrysanthemum, right? Anyway, I was going to make it into a brooch, but I think I will just make it into decor for my purse. Now I need a black purse so I can put this on it.

I can always find some way to justify anything.

Anyway, the sheet of felt was large enough to make this four inch beauty, plus plenty left over for another few flowers, as well. Which by the way, have been claimed by Little One. But not this behemoth. This one is all mine!!!

As soon as I get a purse for it 😉


The tutorial on how to make this gorgeous flower can be found here.