Daily Archives: February 8, 2013


I have come to a conclusion: there is no room for anything in this house.

After days of clearing out the upstairs scrapbooking stuff from the storage closet, only to organize what I kept back in it, it just seems like I still have no room for anything. Add to that the full SUV I took to Goodwill drop-off this past Saturday, and I still have a cluttered garage. Every shelf and bookcase and cabinet is completely full.

I thought of turning to Craigslist or some similar way of advertising all the stuff I want to set fire to banish from the premises. But I am a bit *ahem* leery of doing that. Maybe I’ll just set it all on the sidewalk with a sign that says “FREE STUFF”. All I know is I have plans for this house, and that entails getting rid of a LOT of crap:

  • I want to set up a dart board and a fridge in the garage.
  • I want to have my own scrapping area.
  • I want to put all the books in shelf units.
  • I want to organize all the power tools into ONE place.
  • And finally, I want to set up my stained-glass art area.

I have PLANS, people. I just need the oomph to get going.

That, and more shelves, apparently 😉