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Tuesday Sithy

I’m still plodding along upstairs, trying to get all of my supplies and books organized. The upstairs looks like it exploded.


Then threw up.

zombie stormtrooper

In my opinion, best zombie EVER!!!

Ok, back to the grind. Have a great day, and hope y’all stay warm!! πŸ˜€

Spring Loaded Cleaning

I know. It’s not spring yet.

I’m not loaded yet, either.

But I do have a lot of cleaning out to do. For years I have had all of my scrapbooking supplies in the storage closet upstairs. Also in that closet are the Christmas decorations. And last but not least, the many, many paperbacks I own.

cleaning dance

Yes, I totally do this. And yes, I do look like Ginger Rogers, at least if you squint hard enough. And look straight into the Sun.

Anyway, today I am getting rid of a lot of stamps sets, scrapbooking papers, albums, and other what-nots. I’m sure there will be some kids toys and random crap I have shelved in there in a feeble attempt to “clean” before, but I am buckling down. No more Mrs. Nice Gal! If I don’t have a use for it, haven’t read it in a year, is out of style, or otherwise doesn’t contribute to the general well-being of the house, out it goes. I will endeavor to have before-and-after pics for y’all.

It will be like “Hoarders”, but on a very small scale. Miniscule scale. STOP JUDGING ME!!! πŸ˜€

Why Do I Bother Making Plans??

I found out this week that there was going to be a huge, and I mean HUGE antique shindig today in a town not to far from me. Aside from my junking for crafting dealio, I have also been on a mission to find the perfect chair for my leather-inlaid antique desk. I’ve had this desk since 1996, acquired at a neighbor’s estate sale. The reason the price was so low was due to it missing a chair. Anyway, I have been looking for a matching chair forever, and thought YAY! This is the weekend to go look!

Only to have my plans shrivel up and die like grapes in the Texas sun.

Me: Honey, can we go to the antiques show? PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE???

Hubby: Sure, when?

Me: This Saturday. We can maybe finally get a chair for the des—

Hubby: Sorry, honey, but I have a conference I can’t skip.

Me: Awwww…. well, at least it will be a quiet weekend.

Hubby: Oh, and BIL is staying with us this weekend, too.

Me: Ahhh…well, the kids will stay busy.

Hubby: Oh, and we have an extra kid, since Flower Girl is going to the conference and she couldn’t get a babysitter.

Me: At least she’s a fun kid. How long will it be for?

Hubby: All day.

Me: *mentally counts remaining wine inventory* *sobs*

And I just remembered the play-offs.

And kids have a Skyrim marathon today.

I think I will hide in my room today πŸ™‚

Oops, I Did It Again…

Well, I started out to write today with good intentions.

Until I walked into the kids’ bathroom.

Three hours later…..

bottle graveyard

I must have removed eleven empty bottles, and for the life of me, I can’t understand how it is that they can’t throw away an empty bottle into the trashcan that is only two feet from the tub!!

Two. Feet.

Honestly, if I could adhere the trashcan to the tub, I would.

Hope y’all have a wonderful afternoon. I’m off to ventilate the toxic fumes πŸ˜€

Some Stuff to Ponder

Just what y’all need: a random post about nothing.

Still, there comes a time, usually every three weeks or so, when I start wondering about certain unanswered questions.

1) Why did they never tell us how to get to Sesame Street??

2) I read, and re-read, but I can’t find where the nursery rhyme says Humpty Dumpty was an egg. Can you?

3) Why does MTV still claim to play music?

4) No matter how much we eat, how is it that we always have room for dessert?

Obviously, I didn’t have enough coffee. But I do have a Sithy.

empire strikes back to the future

Heh, and with that, I’m off to go get more coffee.

Have a good one!! πŸ˜€

Fancy Schmancy

I was at an antique store last week, scouring the place for cheap unmatched tea cups, and was amazed at the lovely china available. That made me think of all the lovely china I own. I have a Jones about china, and crystal. I love that stuff. It doesn’t have to match anything, either. Heck, not even my Le Creusetβ„’ matches. My grandmother had different cups and saucer sets for all of the members in her family, and she used them every day for afternoon coffee. Mine was a beautiful Spodeβ„’ green cup with a cameo of a couple dancing. But I am always hesitant about using it. What if it chips? What if it gets scratched? What if it breaks?

Courtesy of Tea For Two

Courtesy of Tea For Two

What if it stays unused on the shelf until the day I die? Why save the special stuff for special occasions? Every day is a gift, and we should make the effort to enjoy them in that manner.

So today, make sure y’all use the pretty dishes, and the best sheets, and the expensive candles, because every day is a special occasion πŸ˜‰

A Place to Stick It

I use pins a lot. I use them not just for sewing, but also in my altered art. Pins are useful, needful things, aren’t they? You see them everywhere in your house, until you absolutely need one.

Then you can’t find one to save your hem.

Anyway, I decided to make a few pincushions from old tea cups for the Craft Pay-It-Forward. There are several tutorials on the internet and all are very easy to make, and have few variations. So, without further ado, here’s my simple tutorial on making teacup pincushions.

You’ll need:

  • old teacups
  • scrap fabric
  • poly fill
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • round template, like a salad plate

First, cut out a circle of scrap fabric using your choice of template. My teacups are about two and three inches in diameter, so I chose an eight inch salad plate for the larger cup, and a six inch dessert plate for the smaller cup.

fabric circles

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Two Days Later

I know I am not getting off to a good start, keeping to my “one post a day” habit. But to be fair, I never made a resolution to do a post a day, so it’s not like I’m breaking one.

Today marks the Twelfth Day of Christmas, and Epiphany, which means it is now time to take down the Christmas decorations. But before I can do that,Β  have to filter out the unwanted decorations to toss out.

Along with the old lights that don’t work.

And the wrinkled wrapping paper saved through the years.

Oh, and who can forget the broken ornaments??

Normally this would be easy to do. However, the Christmas stuff is in the same storage area as my scrapbooking stuff, and of course, everything gets mixed up because that’s Newton’s Law at work with Murphy. No, I don’t know which Newton’s Law. I write for effect, not veracity. On top of that, I have not cleaned up after myself after the whirlwind craftmaking of the past few weeks. It looks like Archiver’sβ„’ exploded.

So, today will be a very busy day. How do I know? I have been writing this post off and on for the past four hours.

Hope y’all’s Sunday is far less hectic!! πŸ˜€

Pins and Pretties

Well, start of the New Year, and no resolutions for me. That’s what Lent is for, in my opinion. But I want to be more social and make more friends, and if that’s a resolution, so be it. At least it’s a fun one!

Yesterday, my friend MsOz put up a challenge at the social-site-with-faces: 2013 Craft Pay-It-Forward. Basically, the first five people to reply get a handmade item from her, with the stipulation that those participating also place the same status on their social site and do a craft for others as well. After thinking and thinking and more thinking, I decided to make these:

tea cup pincushion

Pincushions made from vintage tea cups! This one I made from leftover fabric and a cracked demitasse cup I found somewhere. So, today I am going out to scour the antique stores for lonely little tea cups in search of a home. I will post the tutorial later this week.

I don’t know if this would work with voodoo, but it would be fun to try πŸ˜‰

First Day of 2013

And…. off to a weird start.

Which means things are normal.

I seldom make resolutions. Actually, I don’t ever remember making any. And that’s saying something. In my humble opinion, it’s a waste of time. It works for some people, but I do better if I just deal with each challenge as it comes my way.

2013 book

Looking at 365 pages is a bit overwhelming. Taking one page at a time is manageable!

Here’s to a better year, and to filling each page with great memories πŸ™‚