Daily Archives: January 23, 2013

I Am Totally NOT Ignoring Y’all. Honest!

This past holiday weekend was a blur of activity at Casa de Aggie. We raked leaves, cut down errant branches, trimmed unruly bushes, and washed down dirty patio furniture. That was outside, obviously. Inside, we installed new light fixtures, cleaned the old ones, changed filters, dead light bulbs, unclogged drains, and did general maintenance.

Someone told me there were some football games of import. The only thing I saw on the TV was a layer of dust, and that was promptly removed.

I hope to get back in the groove of blogging soon. Between cleaning and organizing and downsizing and therapy (that’s physical therapy, ok??), it feels like I have no time left to blog. Oh, and I have a wine party next weekend. Oh, and the weekend after that I have a birthday and a scrap swap. Oh, and it’s almost time for Blood, Sweat, and Tears Day™.


Don’t bother answering that. It was rhetorical. Anyway, here’s a pic of the new foyer light fixture.

west elm light

Yeah, it’s not this one, but it’s still pretty cool! Not only did I get it waaaaaaaaaaaaaay on sale, I also put an Edison™ bulb in it. It was a moral imperative. Next up? The Just-This-Side-Of-Redneck Chandelier™. It would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift.

Yes, I know the next so-called holiday is Valentine’s Day, but I ain’t holding my breath 😉