Daily Archives: January 14, 2013

Spring Loaded Cleaning

I know. It’s not spring yet.

I’m not loaded yet, either.

But I do have a lot of cleaning out to do. For years I have had all of my scrapbooking supplies in the storage closet upstairs. Also in that closet are the Christmas decorations. And last but not least, the many, many paperbacks I own.

cleaning dance

Yes, I totally do this. And yes, I do look like Ginger Rogers, at least if you squint hard enough. And look straight into the Sun.

Anyway, today I am getting rid of a lot of stamps sets, scrapbooking papers, albums, and other what-nots. I’m sure there will be some kids toys and random crap I have shelved in there in a feeble attempt to “clean” before, but I am buckling down. No more Mrs. Nice Gal! If I don’t have a use for it, haven’t read it in a year, is out of style, or otherwise doesn’t contribute to the general well-being of the house, out it goes. I will endeavor to have before-and-after pics for y’all.

It will be like “Hoarders”, but on a very small scale. Miniscule scale. STOP JUDGING ME!!! 😀