Why Do I Bother Making Plans??

I found out this week that there was going to be a huge, and I mean HUGE antique shindig today in a town not to far from me. Aside from my junking for crafting dealio, I have also been on a mission to find the perfect chair for my leather-inlaid antique desk. I’ve had this desk since 1996, acquired at a neighbor’s estate sale. The reason the price was so low was due to it missing a chair. Anyway, I have been looking for a matching chair forever, and thought YAY! This is the weekend to go look!

Only to have my plans shrivel up and die like grapes in the Texas sun.

Me: Honey, can we go to the antiques show? PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE???

Hubby: Sure, when?

Me: This Saturday. We can maybe finally get a chair for the des—

Hubby: Sorry, honey, but I have a conference I can’t skip.

Me: Awwww…. well, at least it will be a quiet weekend.

Hubby: Oh, and BIL is staying with us this weekend, too.

Me: Ahhh…well, the kids will stay busy.

Hubby: Oh, and we have an extra kid, since Flower Girl is going to the conference and she couldn’t get a babysitter.

Me: At least she’s a fun kid. How long will it be for?

Hubby: All day.

Me: *mentally counts remaining wine inventory* *sobs*

And I just remembered the play-offs.

And kids have a Skyrim marathon today.

I think I will hide in my room today πŸ™‚

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