Daily Archives: January 8, 2013

Fancy Schmancy

I was at an antique store last week, scouring the place for cheap unmatched tea cups, and was amazed at the lovely china available. That made me think of all the lovely china I own. I have a Jones about china, and crystal. I love that stuff. It doesn’t have to match anything, either. Heck, not even my Le Creuset™ matches. My grandmother had different cups and saucer sets for all of the members in her family, and she used them every day for afternoon coffee. Mine was a beautiful Spode™ green cup with a cameo of a couple dancing. But I am always hesitant about using it. What if it chips? What if it gets scratched? What if it breaks?

Courtesy of Tea For Two

Courtesy of Tea For Two

What if it stays unused on the shelf until the day I die? Why save the special stuff for special occasions? Every day is a gift, and we should make the effort to enjoy them in that manner.

So today, make sure y’all use the pretty dishes, and the best sheets, and the expensive candles, because every day is a special occasion 😉