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Today’s Sithy is brought to y’all courtesy of XBradTC!!

He knows my weaknesses.


Look closely, and you’ll understand why I call him that. If that’s not epic, I don’t know what is.

Have a great Wednesday!! 😉

Never Listen to Werewolves While Eating Cake

I will never learn. Probably because that would mean giving up cake and that’s just never going to happen.

Last night after dinner, Hubby and I had some of his birthday cake: white chocolate with raspberry filling. To. Die. For. Apparently, I didn’t have nearly enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, because after he went to bed, I had another slice, while listening to Warren Zevon. And the dream which resulted from that smash-up was epic!

I was in Pittsburgh, no idea why, but for some reason I was at a Trader Vic’s discussing the merits of Rolling Rock™, and how Yuengling™ wasn’t as good as Shiner™. And I was sitting at the table with none other than my friend Soylent Green, (NSFW!!!!) who was dressed as a dentist for some odd reason, and he was yelling at me about how uncouth I was for liking my Southern libation, instead of the Northern ones, to which I told him that he needed to get his Novocaine™ out of his…. derriére and expand his horizons, and as the yelling match grew out of proportions Trader Vic came over to let us know that the werewolves were getting annoyed and Soylent takes his glass and yells at them to order Domino’s Pizza™. Then the werewolves came over and Trader Vic said that the leader would just tear our lungs out, and I said fine, but they had to settle the argument about Shiner versus Yuengling before they even took a bite.

And then I woke up.

*shakes fist at REM sleep*

Just once I wish I could finish a dream that awesome 😀

WHOO!!! 7,000th Comment!!

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Meow!!! 🙂

Congratulations, and don’t forget to pick up your complimentary Sithy Ear Wax Collection™ on the way out 😉

Because Sickness is My Schtick, or Something

Today I have a sick teenager at home.  Though it is in my job description to be the resident Florence Nightingale, I am always struck but how the sick patient in question relies on my old wives tale style of nursing rather than on her father’s medical training. It never fails.

Sicko: Mom, I don’t feel so good.

Me: Hm… you better have your father check you.

Sicko: Why?

Me: Seriously, you have to ask??

Sicko: But you’re the mom.

Me: Ok, let me see…

(takes temp, feels for clamminess, etc.)

Me: I can make you a concoction of milk, onion juice, ginger and cinnamon which may help.

Sicko: I guess I’ll have dad check me out…

Works every time. Ironically, so does the concoction. Unfortunately, it was something my grandmother made for pain, and she has no recipe for it. Which when you think about the ingredients, I’m kind of relieved.

Guess I will stick with ibuprofen, then 😉

Weekend Follies

Today is Hubby’s birthday, and we are still in the planning stages of doing…. something. Hopefully, we will have plans by the time I’m done writing this short post.

I doubt it, but it can happen.

We did surprise him with breakfast in bed, and he received Gift Number One: an assortment of his favorite teas. Sadly, Gift Number Two is still in transit.

*shakes fist at the Brown Truck of Happiness™*

But no matter. That just means he will get to celebrate his birthday all over again!

trek birthday lol

Oh, looks like we DO have plans now. I think there is a trip to the local tourist trap and the wildlife park. SQUEEE!!!!

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!! 😀

It’s a Heartache

No, I’m not talking about drama. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. It’s not my favorite day of the year, but I figured I would give y’all yet another shopping guide. I’m magnanimous that way.

Jewelry is always good. But sometimes men don’t pay too close attention to significant details like ring size, or even whether or not their significant others have pierced ears. No matter. That’s why the Good Lord gave us necks.

loveheart pendant

The Loveheart Pendant from Swarovski™. Very affordable, and you’ll be gifting her your heart all over again! Or a reasonable facsimile, I guess.

Sometimes you wish to give a gift that says, “I care about you and wish to protect you always”. And since not everyone can afford to get a permanent security detail for their sweetheart, there is always an alternative.

pink stun gun2

A pink 6.8 million volt stun gun!! Let’s face it: not all women feel comfortable carrying a gun, but NONE have a  problem frying a perp. And did I mention it’s 6.8 MILLION volts? Yeah, it’s cute AND effective!!

Of course, no post of mine would be complete without the obligatory Lolita™ glass.

pink panties glass

The Pink Panties Martini Glass!!

There is nothing I can add to that.

So, she can look stunning, while stunning someone, and getting stunned on vodka. I hope you have enjoyed this instalment of Shopping with Aggie™.  Hope it helps! If not just remember: these are guidelines, not rules 😉

I Am Totally NOT Ignoring Y’all. Honest!

This past holiday weekend was a blur of activity at Casa de Aggie. We raked leaves, cut down errant branches, trimmed unruly bushes, and washed down dirty patio furniture. That was outside, obviously. Inside, we installed new light fixtures, cleaned the old ones, changed filters, dead light bulbs, unclogged drains, and did general maintenance.

Someone told me there were some football games of import. The only thing I saw on the TV was a layer of dust, and that was promptly removed.

I hope to get back in the groove of blogging soon. Between cleaning and organizing and downsizing and therapy (that’s physical therapy, ok??), it feels like I have no time left to blog. Oh, and I have a wine party next weekend. Oh, and the weekend after that I have a birthday and a scrap swap. Oh, and it’s almost time for Blood, Sweat, and Tears Day™.


Don’t bother answering that. It was rhetorical. Anyway, here’s a pic of the new foyer light fixture.

west elm light

Yeah, it’s not this one, but it’s still pretty cool! Not only did I get it waaaaaaaaaaaaaay on sale, I also put an Edison™ bulb in it. It was a moral imperative. Next up? The Just-This-Side-Of-Redneck Chandelier™. It would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift.

Yes, I know the next so-called holiday is Valentine’s Day, but I ain’t holding my breath 😉

Ahhhh, Sunday

I love Sundays. Not to be confused with The Sundays, which I also love. Sundays tend to be very slow around here. That’s a good thing, because I am still getting rid of stuff upstairs.

I think I defied some law of physics, getting all that crap to fit in one closet.

Anyway, off I go to try and finish closing the gate to Hades which I have opened. In the meantime, enjoy a Sunday earworm.

Hey, it could have been worse. It could have been Rebecca Black 😉

Have a great Sunday!

In Which I Explain Why I Hate the Number Eleven

I’ve never had a good complexion. When I was in my teens I had bad acne. Later on it lessened, but I still enjoy the occasional break-outs. Ok, so more occasional than most, but whatever. I figured if I still have acne I won’t get many wrinkles, right?


It was inevitable. I was bound to have it. Apparently it’s genetic and its learned. To what do I refer? Why, to the cursed lines between my eyes that make an “11”. They appear magically, usually when the kids are involved. I try to keep the lines at bay, but I’m afraid the time has come to get some help.

Me: I may need to get some kind of wrinkle cream before too long.

Friend: What for?

Me: THIS!!! *points to “11”*

Friend: Have you considered Botox™?

Me: The only way I will ingest any toxin is if I am forced to attend a One Direction concert.

Friend: Uh, wow…

Me: There’s a limit.

So, since I don’t relish the thought of having a case of botulism, I decided to check out wrinkle creams. WHOLLY SHEETS!!! Some of that stuff is wildly expensive. Lancôme™ sells one for $300. Y’all have any idea how many pairs of PJs you can buy with $300?? I DO!! But vanity being what it is, I take the time to search for viable alternatives to selling my arm and leg expensive stuff. Look, I don’t mind my hair turning grey, I don’t mind the weight shifting, but I DO mind looking angry all the time for no reason.


Yeah, Oil of Olay™. I don’t aspire to have an awesome complexion, but by Jove I will look happy, even if it kills me.

Have a great day, and smile 😉

Funny Findings

So, I am still plodding along, cleaning out the storage closet upstairs. I did say this would be a week long project. If I didn’t say it, I was A) too busy crying or 2) I was trying to figure out why I had bought a bag of rocks when I have a yard full of them.

Anyway, as I kept digging out crap and boxes and bags of forgotten loot I found treasure!!

space age crystals

How cool is that?? I had no idea that was in there. Probably a good thing, too, considering how my kids think outside the box. No telling where they would have “grown” them. Like in the toilet tank.

I also found a huge latte mug with the words “Chocolate Lover” on it (have no idea why I own such a thing…), a battery-operated piggy bank (Son had two and kept one in the box), and a weird glass vase that belongs to Eldest. Oh, and I also found three Coach™ handbags. Hand-me-downs from my sister. I love it when she cleans out her closet. I wish she would do it more often.

So far that is from two shelves thus cleared out. I have…. *mentally straining to count*…. six more shelves to go. And the floor. Can’t forget the floor.

Something tells me a match would have been a better choice 😉