Daily Archives: December 21, 2012

So Much For That…

Seeing as today is a half day at the schools here, I was going to take advantage of my solitude and wrap presents.

And that was the plan, until Son came down with a fever, and Hubby decided that he was staying home for his half day.

So I have been catering to two men at home, moving piles of gifts to and fro, drinking more than my allotted caffeine allowance for today. I am severely tempted to not wrap anything and instead throw them in garbage bags and write their names on the bags with a Sharpie™.

Who am I kidding??? I will totally have the gifts wrapped by tonight and be serving hot chocolate and popcorn to celebrate the start of the Christmas holidays. It’s what I do! But I will be grumbling about it.

vader lack of cheer

Courtesy of The Queen!!

Eh, my cheer will get here eventually. It arrives around the same time Hubby comes back from the liquor store. Until then, I will be wrestling with tape and paper cuts… 😉