Conversations Without Coffee Should Come With a Warning

This morning I get up with my alarm, smiling because A) it’s Monday, and 2) only a week or so before Christmas. I get to see my family and hopefully friends during the holiday. It means baking, and cooking, and a warm house. I’m so happy watching the coffee brew that I don’t notice until later that Eldest is not awake and in the shower. Turns out she isn’t feeling well and will be staying home for the day. Sigh… the day is a bit dimmer, but still I am quite happy to get rid of the rest of the kids chauffeuring kids. I return from dropping off the last one to check up on Hubby, who is also still in bed, not feeling well.

Y’all know what this means: I shall be sicker than whale poop come Christmas Day.

No matter. I lay down on the bed and he asks me what I have planned for the day. This is where things got….sticky.

Hubby: What have you got planned for today?

Me: Well, I have to finish wrapping Christmas gifts, and sending out packages, and having Eldest home won’t help.

Hubby: You have plenty of time to wrap.

Me: No, I don’t. Christmas is next week.

Hubby: Um…… oh…..

Me: Hm?

Hubby: Is that your way of letting me know how long I have left to buy your Christmas gift?

Me: No, that’s my way of informing you what the calendar says.

Hubby: Uh huh…

Me: Careful, I haven’t had coffee.

Hubby: I’m getting up now.

It can be argued that I kept my wits and did not erupt emotionally at the thought that once again, he has forgotten to go shopping. It can also be argued that the siren song of the coffee kept me from doing so. What can not be argued is that he now has fair warning.

I’m magnanimous like that πŸ˜‰

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