Daily Archives: December 11, 2012

My Preciouses

It’s a simple tale. One of a new hope that I would score the new Darth Vader ornament from Hallmark™. Alas, the stores around here would sell out of the very few they would get in stock, for the demand was high, and the lists were long. But hope refused to die, and so I placed my name on the list just this past Friday, thinking that maybe, perhaps I would get a call from the imperial salesperson.

I perused the interwebs looking for the ornament. Alas again, eBay™ was the least expensive alternatives to be found in the shopping empire.

The cheapest being $40 starting bid.

I love you like a father, Vader, but there’s a limit.

But Life is funny, and strikes back when you least expect it!

darth ornament


I received the call that the store had but one in their stock, and I was next in line!! As soon as Hubby was home we went to get it. The imperial saleslady was *ahem* less imperialistic when she explained that she had forgotten to call on Saturday. I was too happy to care. And because I was too happy, I got him a minion, too.

lego stormtrooper ornament

My tree will be EPIC!!!

The Force™ was definitely with me 😉