Daily Archives: December 10, 2012

Hello, Monday…. We Meet Again

I would say I am happy to see you, as I usually am after the weekend, but not today.

You made me very unhappy. Seriously?? A cold front to greet me?? What have I ever done to you, to deserve such treatment? I cheer for you every Sunday night as my kids drag themselves to bed. I wake up with a smile to greet you. I hail your presence as I eagerly drop them off to school. And yet, today you decided to just… forsake me!!


The 54*F (12* C for my foreign readers) doesn’t bother me. But that 28*F (-2* C) ?????


I’m sorry, Monday. I’m breaking up with you. It’s one thing for a cold front to come in any other day, but heartbreaking when it comes on what was my favorite day of the week. You’ll have to shower me with sunshine next week to make up for it.

Or shower with water. We sure could use either 😉