Daily Archives: December 7, 2012

Words Fail Me

Sometimes friends know me too well. There was that time when I was trying out for a school play and my friend said I would be no good as the main character, but the witch was a sure fit for me because I could cackle. Things like that. But there are times when they know me so well, that words just fail me.

My friend Teresa is amazing. This is why:

darth pincushion

That, my friends, is a Darth Kitty Pincushion!!!!!

Complete with pipe cleaner lightsaber!!!!

When I opened the box last night, and saw what it was, I started to laugh, and cackle, and wheeze, and hurt a lot. And it was completely worth it!! Truly I have wonderful friends.

The only quandary is, do I use it as a pincushion, taking a risk on voodoo, or do I let it reign supreme over my Sithy work area?

Decisions, decisions 😉