Daily Archives: December 5, 2012


First, I do apologize for the briefness of my last post. When you think about it, there really isn’t much more to add to it, except to give thanks to God for watching out for everyone.

Some things with which I had to come to terms:

Young Frankenstein is Mel Brook’s finest work. Honestly, it’s a toss-up with Blazing Saddles, but the ending of Blazing Saddles was weak.

Yellow is definitely not my color.

It’s smart to put those treating you for trauma at ease. It isn’t smart to make them laugh while they are trying to stick you with an I.V.

I found the perfect chandelier for moi. And it’s just this side of redneck.

wineglass chandelier

It’s perfect, and I want it, and if I learned anything this past weekend, it’s that Life is too short to wait for the right time for anything, or to waste time pretending to be something you’re not. Which is why this is just this side of redneck!

But the best thing to come out of this? The huge blessing that is the support and caring I received from my family, and from my friends, here and in cyberspace. Y’all are wonderful and I ♥ you all 🙂