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Last Day of 2012

And thank goodness it’s over.

This year was hard. Some people would tell me that it only made me stronger. Not really. I found I was able to withstand more, but that doesn’t mean strength, necessarily. But all the bad things made me realize just how truly blessed I am. For the first time in years I don’t find myself looking back at the passing year, but rather looking forward to the coming one. I used to think my glass was half empty, and then I started thinking it was half full.

But the truth is there’s a waiter somewhere who needs to fill it πŸ˜€

happy new year 2013


Shopping Day

With the kids.

Pray for me.

This is possibly the shortest post ever.


One Down, One to Go

Well, next up is New Year’s Eve.

I am…. not a fan. It’s not that I don’t enjoy company or parties. It’s just that in my opinion, it’s just another day.

new year

Ironically, I have plans for it this year. Not one party, but TWO!!

I’m not sure if that means two outfits. I hope it does.

All I know is that it means staying up past my bedtime. So much for my beauty sleep πŸ˜‰

Obviously, I am Not a Woman of Mystery

Christmas was a big hit around here. We spent it at my folks for the first part of the day, then drove home to open the gifts in the evening.

When Eldest asked if I wanted my gifts wrapped, I knew it was going to be fun. Seems that *ahem* people forgot to wrap my gifts. No matter. I told her it was a waste of time and effort and to just put it in the bags they came in. Hubby had taken the kids to shop for me. I will never let him do that again, because apparently the kids did the choosing.

A hoodie to wear at football games, or whenever I please....

A hoodie to wear at football games, or whenever I please….

Don’t get me wrong. It’s very cool, and very warm! It was the Sithy gift.

And this was the wino gift.

Taste wine? What a novel idea...

Taste wine? What a novel idea…

The Wine Tasting Lolitaβ„’ glass! I didn’t have it, so that was a plus, because I hate, hate, HATE returning and/or exchanging anything. So I got Sithy and wine gifts for this Christmas. All in all, people know me well.

I may need to get a new hobby πŸ˜‰

Over the River and Through the Monte

No, not the Full Monty. Monte is what we refer to as the brush country. There are no woods around here.

Anyway, I will be gone from the blogs for a couple of days. I hope y’all have a Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful holiday!

Courtesy of Tiberius!

Courtesy of Tiberius!

May the blessings of the Season envelop you throughout the coming year!!

So Much For That…

Seeing as today is a half day at the schools here, I was going to take advantage of my solitude and wrap presents.

And that was the plan, until Son came down with a fever, and Hubby decided that he was staying home for his half day.

So I have been catering to two men at home, moving piles of gifts to and fro, drinking more than my allotted caffeine allowance for today. I am severely tempted to not wrap anything and instead throw them in garbage bags and write their names on the bags with a Sharpieβ„’.

Who am I kidding??? I will totally have the gifts wrapped by tonight and be serving hot chocolate and popcorn to celebrate the start of the Christmas holidays. It’s what I do! But I will be grumbling about it.

vader lack of cheer

Courtesy of The Queen!!

Eh, my cheer will get here eventually. It arrives around the same time Hubby comes back from the liquor store. Until then, I will be wrestling with tape and paper cuts… πŸ˜‰

Sands in an Hourglass

Seriously, I have no time for anything lately. I still have gifts to wrap, and baking to do, and groceries to get, and dogs to board, and Guilder to frame for it.

Just seeing if you’re paying attention.

Every year I tell myself the same thing: I’ll start to wrap and decorate early. And as usual, something happens. Obviously, the accident played a HUGE part this year. But c’mon! I can use gift bags instead of wrapping paper. I just have this….block, for lack of a better term. The Christmas tree is finally up, but I have yet to put up the stockings. Or the garlands. Or the mistletoe ball.

And I just remembered the outside lights. Eh, forget that. I don’t have enough strings of lights to spell “D-I-T-T-O” anyway.


Maybe if I do the tree like that next year, I won’t have to worry about gift wrapping.

I hope I’m not the only one procrastinating. Am I?? πŸ˜€

Tuesday Sithy

It’s sort of a Sithy, courtesy of a friend on the social-site-with-faces.

gravity force lol

If only my Physics class had been THAT easy!!

Have a great Tuesday!! πŸ˜€

Conversations Without Coffee Should Come With a Warning

This morning I get up with my alarm, smiling because A) it’s Monday, and 2) only a week or so before Christmas. I get to see my family and hopefully friends during the holiday. It means baking, and cooking, and a warm house. I’m so happy watching the coffee brew that I don’t notice until later that Eldest is not awake and in the shower. Turns out she isn’t feeling well and will be staying home for the day. Sigh… the day is a bit dimmer, but still I am quite happy to get rid of the rest of the kids chauffeuring kids. I return from dropping off the last one to check up on Hubby, who is also still in bed, not feeling well.

Y’all know what this means: I shall be sicker than whale poop come Christmas Day.

No matter. I lay down on the bed and he asks me what I have planned for the day. This is where things got….sticky.

Hubby: What have you got planned for today?

Me: Well, I have to finish wrapping Christmas gifts, and sending out packages, and having Eldest home won’t help.

Hubby: You have plenty of time to wrap.

Me: No, I don’t. Christmas is next week.

Hubby: Um…… oh…..

Me: Hm?

Hubby: Is that your way of letting me know how long I have left to buy your Christmas gift?

Me: No, that’s my way of informing you what the calendar says.

Hubby: Uh huh…

Me: Careful, I haven’t had coffee.

Hubby: I’m getting up now.

It can be argued that I kept my wits and did not erupt emotionally at the thought that once again, he has forgotten to go shopping. It can also be argued that the siren song of the coffee kept me from doing so. What can not be argued is that he now has fair warning.

I’m magnanimous like that πŸ˜‰

Nothing to Say

Except to ask for your prayers.


I can not imagine such a vile and evil act, inflicting a carnage upon children.

Dear Heavenly father, please lift them up in Your loving arms. Give those who lost loved ones today the strength and comfort to help them.

In Your name,