Daily Archives: November 29, 2012

I Love a Good Bargain

I was at the outlet mall this afternoon, searching for that elusive perfect gift for my in-laws.

I did not find it.

Seriously, they are very difficult to shop for, mostly because they own everything that house can possibly hold they could possibly want. But on a lark, I decided to peruse the Williams-Sonoma™ section of the Pottery Barn™ outlet. And you know how sometimes salespeople find old stock in the backroom, and bring it out at a super reduced price, because it was discontinued a looooong time ago? Well, that happened, and I was there at the right time!!

That is a 1 quart Le Creuset™ Round French Oven. It retails for $105.00. Yes, you read that correctly. The original outlet price was $65.00. And the marked down price was $22.00.

And it was 30% off.

AND I got a 10% military discount.


I would have given it to my in-laws, but they only like the blue Le Creuset™. Pity, isn’t it?? 😉