Struck by Lighting

Sorry for my absence yesterday. I was busy playing chauffeur and had to go downtown to purchase myriad random stuff for the kidlets. And lack of sleep was sure not helping to motivate me.

Anyway, last week my friend Flower Girl and I went to a friend’s open house. I have to tell you, Flower Girl is obsessed with light fixtures. She went to Ikea waaaaaaaaaaay north of here JUST to get a light fixture for her bedroom.

I would be afraid to sneeze with that giant dandelion dangling over my head.

At the open house she fell in love with the drum-shaped fixture in the foyer. Unlike my foyer, my friend’s ceiling was at normal height, so the small fixture was just right for the space. Which then got me to thinking about my two-storey ceiling area in the foyer. It has a flush mount fixture the size of a salad plate, and with the lumens power of maybe two candles in a storm.

Seriously, it provides enough light to identify shapes. On the ceiling…

So now I have the lighting bug. And I thought that it would be easy to just find one and be done with it. But as usual, nothing that simple is ever easy. I had thought to get just a wrought iron looking pendant with maybe three bulbs. How hard could it be, right? OMG… There are different finishes, different metals, different lightbulbs, different cords, different everything! As the photos of fixtures swam across my eyes, I had a sudden thought: why not look for something more….Sithy?? And I found just the thing.

I can just see Hubby’s face when he walks through the door to that. After the “What the hell is that thing??” and before the “This is a joke, right?” he will just look at me and shake his head, wondering if it’s too early for a drink. Which is silly because he should know that a drink would be waiting for him on account of me getting a Sithy light fixture. I am that considerate. Besides, he would eventually realize it could be worse.

I could go out and acquire a giant metal chicken šŸ˜‰

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