Reasons Why I’m in Charge of Halloween Candy

Never underestimate Hubby on Halloween.

This year, our kids dressed up and went trolling up and down the neighborhood, while Hubby and I stayed behind. In the years past, we had a block party in order to “streamline” the Trick-or-Treaters into one area to make things easier on the parents, but this year was called off due to several neighbors moving away. So, we sat outside so that the kids wouldn’t be ringing the doorbell and driving the dogs crazy.

Normally, the evening would have entailed me exclaiming over the costumes and Hubby going off with the kids. Not this time. This time he was adding to the conversations.

Hubby: You know, we can go get the other snake and place it in the candy basket and let the kids pick through.

Me: Uh, NO!

Hubby: Oh, c’mon! It would be fun!

Me: You’re insane.

And then there were the costumes…. Hubby is not one to *ahem* gloss over anything.

Me: (pointing out a woman dressed as a so-called Little Bo Peep in stockings and high heels) I would NEVER be outside dressed like that!

Hubby: What’s wrong with it?

Me: Obviously nothing from your point of view.

Hubby: She’s sure Peeping out of it.

And the kids dressed like zombies got two pieces of candy, for obvious reasons.

Zombie Kid: TRICK OR TREAT!!

Hubby: Hey! A zombie! You’re lucky I left my shotgun inside.

Zombie Kid: Huh?

Hubby: Practice for the Zombie Apocalypse, you know?


I think next year I’ll put him in charge, and videotape the whole thing. It’s the only way people will believe me πŸ˜‰

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