Taking the Wheel

I don’t know who is more nervous: Eldest, or me.

I’m not a great teacher, no matter how patient I am. I don’t have the confidence, I suppose. But now Eldest is learning to drive, and that means she needs practice.

She gets behind the wheel, and you know what? It’s fun!! She starts off a bit nervous, and then begins to drive comfortably and explain everything that she will be doing. All I do is sit back, and not distract her. At least for now. Her father has a bad habit of pointing out things while she is driving, and that *ahem* drives her nuts. Of course, he is teaching her to drive like a man, which means I have to put myself in his shoes and adhere to his style. But not to worry. I shall refrain from describing the driving cones as little elf hats and telling her that parking between the lines is like making a car sandwich 😉

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