The Big Reveal!!


Ok, so I am still not completely done. I’m working on a coggy collage that will go over the headboard. But I got tired of waiting. Anyway, y’all remember what it looked like, right? For those who don’t, here you go:

What a nightmare that was. There were days I wanted to take a rake to it. And a lighter.

And here is the after!!!

What a transformation, huh?? She has no coverlet yet because we can’t find a simple one short enough for her captain’s bed. Since she had no headboard, I took some insulation board and covered it in a Victorian print, glued a ceiling medallion to the center, and then made a felt dahlia flower to cover the medallion’s opening. Yes, she wanted a death flower. Go figure.

I’m tempted to do another for the living room above the entertainment center.

The wall is decorated in a random collage of antiques I have had stored in every drawer for years. The caliper and lock came from the old train station in my hometown, the little purses belonged to my great-grandmother, and Hubby has had random skeleton keys floating around waiting to be displayed. We took the European coins and put them in a frame for display. I took an old framed artwork my sister no longer wanted and sprayed it with chalkboard paint, so that she would have a memo board (instead of writing in the mirrors again). I glued three clear blown lightbulbs together, found a Florence flask, and even took a jelly jar and made a wall vase out of it. I think it came out rather sweet.

And it was rather easy to make, too. I took a Dollar Store frame, removed the glass, covered the backing with newspaper-print cardstock, made two slits to accommodate the hose clamp ring, slipped it through, and then slipped the jelly jar into the clamp, tightening it. I found the idea on Pinterhades, but can’t remember where. So many pins….so little memory.

The dryer duct! It’s held to the ceiling by hooks, and adhered to the wall by tacky stuff. And on the other side:

The infamous Steampunk accent pipe, cage light, and scrolled mirror! I bought the mirror just like that at the bed and bath store that goes beyond.

Bookcase and industrial light! I have to fashion a cover or something for her alarm clock. Not that she ever uses it, mind you. Sigh….

And lastly, her desk area.

That’s the mercury glass vase I made, and a fake raven I found at Michael’sβ„’, The Complete Tales of Edgar Allan Poe (quelle surprise…), an antique postal scale, the bell jar, the hurricane, and an apothecary jar. Eldest contributed the clock.

Though not quite finished, since I still have the collage to make, I think her room came out awesome. And yes, she is keeping it clean. Oh, not because it’s so splendiferous. Nope….Hubby bet her she couldn’t keep it clean for three months straight. If, IF she does manage to keep her room clean as per Hubby’s standards, she gets a TV. Now, Hubby said she would get a TV. He said nothing about setting it up and hooking cable to it!

Thanks for your patience! Hope the reveal was worth it. I know I feel a lot better now. At least, until I start cutting and gluing my fingers on the cogs and wheels for the collage πŸ˜‰

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