Daily Archives: October 22, 2012

Question to Ponder

Yesterday was a hectic day. ROTC returned from their Lex trip, Little One was still enjoying a sleepover in the afternoon, and Eldest wanted to practice driving. Short story: I didn’t get to enjoy a visit to a winery as planned. But no matter, because I did have time to make a turkey roast which was delish. And that’s what inspired the question:

Why do we wait to have turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas??

Now, obviously I didn’t do a whole turkey. That’s just ridiculous. But doing a boneless roast is not hard, and takes only a couple of hours in the oven, which is pretty much what meatloaf or a pot roast take to bake. From now on I think I will make a turkey at at least once a month.

Variety being the spice of Life and all, along with rosemary!