Daily Archives: October 15, 2012

My Heart Hurts in a Good Way



Today, Little One turns THIRTEEN YEARS OLD!!!


How did this happen??? I specifically told her she was NOT to grow past the age of ten. I know I did! I even made her sign an agreement. So what if she was asleep and it’s not her signature? That’s irrelevant!! The point is she is supposed to stay my little one, my punkin, my baby, especially since the other two disobeyed me as fast as they could.

But no…. She just HAD to go and start growing up. And not just in age, but in height, too. I am officially the shortest person in the family.


But I will get over it. A birthday means cake, and fun, and happiness. And even though she is commencing her path to adolescence and leaving her childhood behind, that just means I get to throw fits and cry like a baby get to enjoy her new-found confidence and charm.

That is, until she makes me mad. Then all bets are off 😉