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Out of My Gourd

I love pumpkins. As an Aggie, I had…. issues with their color for a long time, but once I had my first slice of pumpkin pie, my issues were over. Carrots weren’t such a big deal because Texas A&M figured out a way to make maroon ones. But not pumpkins, which is a real shame because I bet a maroon pie would look amazing.

Anyway, yesterday I showed y’all the paper mache, or if you are a stickler for correct terminology, papier-mâché pumpkins. I had waffled around trying to figure out what to do with them for months. But finally I managed to decorate them.

First, I applied a thin coat of medium and laid strips of Ideaology™ tissue as I went along, pressing it into the curves. Once it dried, I sprayed some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist™ in Tattered Leather, a dark brown, and then rubbed in Distress Ink™ in Spiced Marmalade, repeating the process twice. Once THAT was dried, I glued jute twine into the crevices for definition. I applied some Distress Ink™ in Peeled Paint to the stem, as well as to some Sticky Back Canvas™, also spraying it with the brown glimmer stuff. Then I cut out leaves from the canvas, peeled the backing off, and stuck it to some more tissue paper. I crumbled it, and then reformed the leaves to suit, gluing them to the stem. I curled some more twine and voìla! Rustic pumpkins for my Great Pumpkin Mantelscape of 2012!!

And yes, the big one in the middle is a mercury glass one that I purchased a while back. It is open in the bottom, so I placed some Christmas tree lights inside and light it during the holidays. I couldn’t light it for the pic because A) it would be too bright for my crappy phone camera, and 2) the extension cord was too short. After Thanksgiving it will be moved down to the hearth area so I can once again plug it in.

Oh, and I just remembered the rest of the pumpkins I have stashed away. I may or may not have enough room on the mantel, but hey, that’s what the fireplace is for 😉

Cut to the Quick

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Jennie told me of a scrapbooking class she will be teaching. Five minutes later, after a round of SQUEEEE!!!– I confirmed my spot to take her class. Five minutes after that, I was taking inventory of everything I would need for it.

This is where I noticed some of my stuff was *ahem* out of commission.

Apparently, one of my kids needed to use some of my paints and tools for a project. Normally that would be fine, since I am of the opinion that things are there to be used. But it hurt to see the sorry state of my scissors. My beautiful, magnetized, do-everything scissors, which someone thought meant “do-everything-including-use-as-pliers”. I am not at a loss for scissors, not by a long shot. But these are special!! They cut through chipboard and wire and short of doing dishes, they make me happy. Now I have to make do with regular, run-of-the-mill scissors, and that’s going to take a bit of adjusting to do.

But enough wailing about that. Some of y’all may remember this.

Well, I finally found some paper mache pumpkins!!

So today, I am working on altering these for the Great Pumpkin Mantlescape of 2012™, without my scissors. But no matter. I can do just fine with a knife and a ballpoint pen.

Trust me. I’m a professional 😉

Taking the Wheel

I don’t know who is more nervous: Eldest, or me.

I’m not a great teacher, no matter how patient I am. I don’t have the confidence, I suppose. But now Eldest is learning to drive, and that means she needs practice.

She gets behind the wheel, and you know what? It’s fun!! She starts off a bit nervous, and then begins to drive comfortably and explain everything that she will be doing. All I do is sit back, and not distract her. At least for now. Her father has a bad habit of pointing out things while she is driving, and that *ahem* drives her nuts. Of course, he is teaching her to drive like a man, which means I have to put myself in his shoes and adhere to his style. But not to worry. I shall refrain from describing the driving cones as little elf hats and telling her that parking between the lines is like making a car sandwich 😉

In Vino Logica

Today I am finally going to a local winery for a tasting tour. I have been wanting to go for about…. Hm…. I want to say six months or so. Why? Because apparently I can only buy a certain wine at that particular winery and I need it like burning.

Let me attempt to explain the logic here. I like sangria. My father’s cousin used to make the best sangria ever, but she passed away before I was old enough to ask for the recipe. Don’t judge me. Anyway, I have tried sangria everywhere it was offered, hoping to find one that was close enough to her recipe, usually to no avail. Once while in Berlin we saw an offering at a biergarten. That alone should have tipped us off, but we went ahead and tried it. It looked like someone had *ahem* upchucked their fruit salad, and tasted just as vile. After that, I tried the bottled sangrias, but usually they are not sweet enough, and the citric acid tends to conflict with the alcohol somewhat.

Bunch of liars…

Fast forward to May 2012. The ladies of our local wine club make plans to go to the Wein and Sangerfest just north of here, and ZOMG!!! I find the best cheap sangria recipe EVAH!!

Texas Style Sangria

  • 1 6oz can of frozen orange juice concentrate, plus one can of water
  • 1 6oz can of frozen limeade concentrate, plus one can of water
  • 1 liter of grapefruit soda
  • 1 bottle Dry Comal Creek Foot Pressed Red Wine™

Blend limeade and orange juice concentrates with water. Add the wine, stirring well, then add the grapefruit soda, and stir well again. Freeze until slushy, or serve over ice if you are impatient, like me. Garnish with orange slices, or pass on the fruit if your impatient, like me. Those of you that are sharp-eyed will recognize where I originally posted this recipe.

Anyway, see that last item?? THAT wine is ONLY sold at the winery. Why?? Why can’t they offer it locally in all other stores that carry their brand?? It is a nice table wine, and a less expensive alternative to their Black White Spanish, which is also awesome, by the way. My point is, if you want people to buy your wine and entice them with an awesome cheap recipe, you should make said wine available to the masses. But no…. Now I have to make the sacrifice of an afternoon, and go to a tasting room just so that I can purchase a bottle or five of wine.

It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make 😉

Saturday Sithy

And I know just how they feel, especially after going junking for Eldest’s room stuff.

You have to start somewhere 😉

Have a great Saturday!!

The Big Reveal!!


Ok, so I am still not completely done. I’m working on a coggy collage that will go over the headboard. But I got tired of waiting. Anyway, y’all remember what it looked like, right? For those who don’t, here you go:

What a nightmare that was. There were days I wanted to take a rake to it. And a lighter.

And here is the after!!! Continue reading

My 500th Post, a Birthday, and Update

And I really don’t know how that happened.

Today is my blogger friend XBradTC’s birthday!!! And like a good friend, I made him brownies. I say “good”, because if I were a great friend, I would have mailed them to him.

They were delicious. Take my word for it, Brad.

Also, an update on Eldest’s room. Yes, the big reveal was postponed forever due to school commitments, but here is a pic of the final big project I did for her room.

It’s a light fixture made from two hanging baskets, a lantern light kit and an Edison lightbulb. And as you can see, that is the cord cover I was sewing my fingers on that inspired me to ask for a sewing machine for my birthday, which I probably won’t get because I really have no room upstairs for it at this time.

Hope you like the sneak peek. I am counting on getting everything done today so that I can FINALLY do the Big Reveal™ tomorrow. If not, I’ll just make more brownies 🙂

Random Stuff, Because It’s Wednesday and Laundry Never Ends

My apologies for not writing a post yesterday. I wasn’t feeling all that well, and the cerebrum decided it was better suited to replaying the movie Dragnet, complete with rap song at the end. Honestly, I remembered the whole movie all morning long. It’s probably why I had a hankering for chili dogs and a Shirley Temple™.

I have never understood the Designated Pitcher rule. Don’t try to explain it. I will just tune the words out of my retinas.

Why can’t mosquitoes suck fat?

If your significant other asks you to make a sandwich, do it. After all, you chose to be with them for a reason.

Always write your Christmas List™ in pencil.

And lastly remember this: “STRESSED” is “DESSERTS” spelled backwards. That means it’s always time for chocolate.

Hope y’all have a great day!! 😀

Question to Ponder

Yesterday was a hectic day. ROTC returned from their Lex trip, Little One was still enjoying a sleepover in the afternoon, and Eldest wanted to practice driving. Short story: I didn’t get to enjoy a visit to a winery as planned. But no matter, because I did have time to make a turkey roast which was delish. And that’s what inspired the question:

Why do we wait to have turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas??

Now, obviously I didn’t do a whole turkey. That’s just ridiculous. But doing a boneless roast is not hard, and takes only a couple of hours in the oven, which is pretty much what meatloaf or a pot roast take to bake. From now on I think I will make a turkey at at least once a month.

Variety being the spice of Life and all, along with rosemary!

I Survived, Sorta

Little One’s party was a great success. So great, that the girls are still here…

They stayed up until four o’clock in the morning, and then got up at the ghastly hour of eight. And why did they have so much energy? Because they ate cupcakes, pizza, hot dogs, four bags of chips, three bottles of soda, and a HUGE bag of candy.

And then had doughnuts for breakfast. I bet the parents are going to hate me today.

I don’t remember having that much energy, not even when I was her age. I never had sleepovers, so it’s hard to judge, but since I was quite happy to observe my 10:00PM curfew until I was 22, I can safely say I just wasn’t energetic like that. All I know is today I will drink coffee until I wake up enough to make the turkey roast. If that happens, I will consider today a win 😀