Daily Archives: September 6, 2012


I hate having a bad hair day. Seems like those are the ONLY ones I have. In a futile attempt at “styling” my hair this morning, I decided to twist separate wet strands and then roll and pin to my head. I had little cinnamon buns all over my head, which then made me hungry. I went off to try and clean up my work areas and organize my craft supplies, because it’s Eldest’s senior year and I had to get stuff to make her Homecoming mum, among other things. After a while I notice my hair is dry, so like an excited child unwrapping a present, I get all giddy thinking I will look like a gal in a Pantene™ commercial and run downstairs to undo the Cinnaminis™.

Can you say “Mufasa”?? YES, YOU CAN!!!

Seriously, the photo does not capture the fluffiness of the debacle that is my hair. I think next time I will do Cinnabons™ a la Princess Leia. Thank goodness I have no place to be. There’s only so many times I can take hearing “Circle of Life” from laughing kids 😉