Daily Archives: August 26, 2012

Forgotten Finds

I spent all morning yesterday cleaning my bathroom, and I am talking from the ceiling all the way down to the baseboards. It was a long morning. But the reward of having a very clean bath was worth it. Anyway, I also reorganized the drawers, which means Hubby won’t be able to find anything for a week, but it needed to be done. In the course of taking things out to organize it, I found a Lia Sophia™ box, and curious, I opened it to find this:

That’s right: a rhinestone choker. How completely unlike me to own such a thing…

You can stop laughing now. I MEAN IT!!

I could have put it on while cleaning the bathroom, but by the time I found it, I was almost done. I guess I will have to cajole Hubby into going on a date night so I can show it off.

After all, what is the use of owning pretty bling if you can’t go out and show it off? Right?? 😉