How I Spent My Summer Vacation

It was a great week, and wonderful to get away from the dry heat here to the humid heat there!

The first day we just unwound, enjoying the views and the sound of the water below. As y’all know, the second day we went bowling, and it was a blast, especially witnessing my failings at it. That evening we decided to try fishing from the balcony.

Seriously, how can one pass that up, right??? But unfortunately most of the fish were scared off due to the high traffic on the lake, so nothing bit. But Hubby is never discouraged. We got out to the store and get chicken livers for bait. Apparently, catfish really like that stuff.

The following day was spent in the local tourist trap, Old Town Spring.

It’s an old railroad town that now has over 120 shops and not enough parking. Luckily we went on a weekday, so there wasn’t a big crush of people. Still, it was a nice place and the railroad car BBQ joint was awesome.

The following day all I did was relax. I was NOT there to entertain anyone, and so the kids left me alone for the most part. HOW GREAT WAS THAT?? The best part of my days was early morning, drinking my coffee and feeding the ducks.

I loved feeding them every day. It was so cute when they got into a fight over bread. Cute when they fight over anything, really.

But after a few days of me feeding them, the secret was out.

I didn’t have enough bread, and on top of that, Hubby was out to fish on his last day out there, and BY JOVE he was going to catch something BIG!! And did he ever!!

And would you believe the really big one got away? But we threw it back. Carp isn’t for eating. It’s for decorating. And I was not going to tote back home with a stinky fish in the car just to have it mounted.

Sadly, our last day came too soon, but that didn’t deter Hubby from casting a line. The fishing poles were packed last 😉

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