Craving Denied

My day started off at the social-site-with-faces, where a friend posted a status about loving all her friends. She is a sweet woman, and a wonderful cook, and I miss her SO MUCH because she had a catering business here, but she went and moved to Virginia leaving me prostrate with grief and no, I don’t mean like the male gland, ok?? Anyway, she posted that and I felt obliged to respond:

Friend: I LOVE YOU ALL!!! โ™ฅ

Me: I โ™ฅ you so much that when I see a tres leches cake, I yell at it and call it an impostor.

Friend: HAHAHAAA! Lord, how I miss you!!!!! โ™ฅ

Me: I think I am banned from several bakeries, too.

So now I want a slice or five of tres leches cake, and she made the best, and I am grieving because FINALLY I have an appetite and I can’t have the bestest cake evah.

Deliciousness courtesy of Narima’s Cuisine

Look at it. Just look at it!!! I think I gained two pounds and a cavity just looking. Oh, how I miss you, my friend.

And you too, Narima ๐Ÿ˜‰

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