Daily Archives: August 9, 2012

Final Countdown

Yay!! Vacation time is almost here!!

Which is why I have spent all morning cleaning and doing laundry and dusting and organizing and throwing out trash and cleaning out the fridge and making lists.

Oh, and while mopping, Son found my missing glasses. WINNING!!

Yes, I have my apron on, and no, I don’t look THAT happy. Weirdly, that table resembles one I own. That creeps me out a bit. At least I don’t own that lamp. My aunt does, however.

Anyway, I shall be blogging from parts unknown next week. Well, some of the readers know where I’ll be, but let’s keep that to ourselves, m’kay? I just will NOT have time to devote to my adoring fans if they were to show up to stalk me.

Yes, I laughed at that, too 😉