Temptations, and Why Chocolate Always Wins

Apart from the Voodoo List™ and the Things To Do Before I Die List™, I should also have the Things With Which I Should Not Be Trusted List™.

You didn’t really expect me to end that last one in a preposition, did you??

Anyway, as I was cleaning up the kitchen area, I noticed that the King Sized Kit Kat® Bar From Hades was still on the windowsill, where Hubby left it. I got that for him weeks ago. And it’s still there. Looking at me. Tempting me with its delicious, wafery goodness covered in tantalizing chocolate. I hear the siren song and feel the need to partake. But it’s Hubby’s bar.

And then it hit me. What if this is a test of willpower???

Aside patience, willpower is my forte. I have plenty of it. I can beat this. Oh yes, I can. And I will.

Right after I go to the grocery store and get my own. You didn’t think I would eat his chocolate bar, did you? I have scruples 😉

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