Daily Archives: July 31, 2012

In the Lateness of the Hour

Today finds me grieving for a friend. Friend on the blogs Roguetek sent news of his wife’s passing. Peonysong was a jewel. She was a sweet, thoughtful and giving person that NEVER took crap from anyone. She had a will of iron and the strength of whipcord, and never let anyone forget it. Her wish was to live her last days in Texas, and Roguetek made it come true.

I pray for strength and comfort for Roguetek and Peonysong’s family. I know she is now in God’s loving arms, free from pain, and now watching over him, for the job of a wife to take care of her other half never ends. And tonight before my prayers, I will have a “talk” with her, remembering the day we spent together while doing laundry 🙂

Rest in peace, my sweet friend!