Daily Archives: July 27, 2012

Working for the Weekend

It’s Friday, and time to start winding down!

There was a time when we would make plans to party hard and stay up until dawn, but that was in our youth…in our youth… Sigh…

Ok, truthfully, the only time I stayed up until dawn was when I gave birth to Eldest. I was never one for partying or clubbing much. In fact, most Fridays I recall sitting in front of the TV to watch Remington Steele in my high school years, and whatever Sci Fi (I refuse to use the new spelling) had on in my later years. But the one thing I look forward to on Fridays is Hubby being home and relaxing.

It’s nice to just sit and enjoy each other’s company. Until one kid yells at him that the new level has been reached and he runs to give guidance in navigating through some dungeon. Then it’s just nice to hear the “Wait, wait!! Go that way!!”, smiling at the intense look on their faces. At least until they go down the wrong passage and are accosted by evil lurking things and consequently get killed before saving the game.

Well, it’s still fun for me, anyway 😉