Game of a Certain Throne

I swear, no matter how early I get up, I still run late posting here.

This weekend we had Nomstress and her hubby Nightflyer as our guests. As usual, we had a lot of fun enjoying the company and laughing about people we know. Mostly my relatives. Anyway, Hubby was scrolling through the movies available On Demandβ„’, when he spied one of our favorite BS meter movies: The Core.

And then he decided to make it a drinking game.

Since I had seen the movie before, I knew I would have been sloshed by the first fifteen minutes, so I passed on it and remained sober. Needless to say, the results were epic. I must admit I relished being the sober one, because it left me free to poke fun at the others. I felt the power, and it was GOOD!!!

I may be a lightweight, but I ain’t stupid πŸ˜‰

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